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where can i get HAZEL NUT paste?

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i only know of nutella and also sweetened hazelnut spreads.. are there any that's just hazel nut pastes?

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  1. Le Pain on Melrose near La Cienaga

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        You're right, I wasn't reading carefully. It's good though.

    1. once again, try surfas in culver city on washington at the corner of national. i'd be shocked if they didn't have this, but call ahead to make sure.

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        I was at Surfas last month and asked about hazelnut paste. They don't carry any unsweetened hazelnut paste. The only thing close is a hazelnut paste in a can with a lot of sugar that I believe was labeled "hazelnut puree." For a recipe I have, I was expecting to find something that looked like almond paste (i.e. in a tube) but that's not there.

        If that stuff in a can is what I should have been looking for, please correct me anybody.

      2. Whole Foods carries a product called hazelnut butter -- it is ground roasted hazelnuts, with no sugar added. I have found it two holiday seasons in a row in the area with the peanut butter.

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          I, too, recommend your local health food store for hazelnut paste (aka filbert paste). I haven't been to Full O' Life in Burbank in several years but remember them having something of the like there. Might also try an Italian deli/market. My bro-in-law is Italian and LOVES anything hazelnut; he will put Nutella on just about anything.

          link to hazelnut paste recipe:

          links to buying hazelnut/filbert paste:
          1 lb Filbert Paste (Pralines)- Hazelnuts finely ground into a paste.
          1 lb. #75-5001 $16.50

          Bon Bon Bakery and Chocolates: Hazlenuts finely ground into a paste. ... Sold by the one pound container. Price: $12.75

          75-5001 Filbert Paste 16 oz. 15.95

        2. Okay, I give up. How is this distinct from what you'd get if you bought a bag of hazelnuts at trader joe's and stuck them in the food processor for a couple minutes?

          1. Well, first of all, you would need to toast and skin the Trader Joe's nuts, then you would have to process them in some sort of industrial machine, I think. "Yum" isn't looking for hazelnut butter, but more of a compound, I think. I'm a huge fan of Trader Joe's, but they can't help here. I bought some hazelnut paste at Sur la Table just the other day. It happened to be on sale for half price, but might therefore be about to be discontinued? If so, try Nicole's Gourmet Imports, in South Pasadena, on El Centro near the train tracks. They may not sell it in small enough containers for your use. It's a paste, very finely ground, somewhat like almond paste from a tube, but not so stiff. It makes a great ice cream. The stuff from Sur la Table was very good, but it does contain sugar. I do think this is what you're looking for, Yum. What are you using it for?

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              for tarts and to use like almond paste i guess.. thanks for your help

            2. Try Bazzini or American Almond. Look on the internet. They are wholesale companies but you might be able to contact them an buy direct.

              1. How about the peanut butter place (sorry, I don't know the name) inside the 3rd Street Farmer's Market? I know they grind fresh peanut butter all the time, and I have seen many other fresh nut butters there. Perhaps if you call ahead, they would make it to order as you like. Does someone know their name?

                1. Have you tried the Farmer's Market?

                  There's a place there that grinds nuts, and I've seen almond and cashew for sure, in addition to peanut. They might have hazelnut too- I just wasn't looking for it last time I was there.

                  Is hazelnut spread part of a specific ethnic cuisine? I only know of Nutella too, which is Italian, right? If anyone knows, please let me know here: http://foodvirgin.com/phpbb/ Thanks!