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Oct 19, 2006 05:20 AM

Critical Kitchen Gadgets

Do you have a kitchen gadget that you can't do without?

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  1. Is a cuisinart a gadget? Mine is 32 years old (and has been dropped twice) and in independent poll been most often voted 'best of my kitchen.'

    1. I would put my vote in the my cuisinart - probably an appliance not a gadget. Gadget wise my instant read thermometer or microplane.

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      1. re: ptrefler

        Love the microplane. Changed grating for me.

      2. Microplane, old-fashioned stand alone timer (I use this all day time tea, coffee + the usual suspects), pot holders (do these quality as gadgets?), my cheap, simple, effective Smith's knife sharpener, Cuisinart toaster oven, not perfect but reliable & indispensable....there must be more but these are what jump immediately to mind.

        1. In addition to those already mentioned, kitchen scale, thermometers - all kinds (bit of an obsession of mine), citrus reamer. I have one of those citrus presses but still prefer my old wooden reamer. Also my Kitchenaid mixer, if that can be classed as a gadget.

          1. Silicon spatulas, spoonulas and basting/pastry brushes. I love these! Cookie scoops, biscuit cutters...

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            1. re: Bean Counter

              There are some great silicone gadgets out there. Another fav of mine that you missed is the potholder, which doubles as a trivet, which triples as a garlic peeler. Just crush the clove a bit and roll it up in the potholder and the skin slides right off!

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                I love my digital probe thermo, steel bench knife, silicone pastry brushes, silpat.