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Oct 19, 2006 05:15 AM

Recommendations for Breakfast near Mayfair?

I'll be staying near Stratton Street next week, and was hoping some chowhounds could recommend a few breakfast options that would be within walking distance.

I'm primarily interested in any greasy spoons, bakeries, food shops, or independant coffee shops rather than a Simpson's on the Strand/Wolseley type of restaurant.

Also, where is the best place to get coffee near or in Mayfair?

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  1. After spending a little more time researching online, it looks like what I was trying to find is a Great British Cafe.
    I found this blog:
    to be very helpful.

    Right now, Remos and Dante are on my list for the Mayfair area, and New Picadilly Cafe and Bar Bruno for Picadilly Circus area.

    Any chowhounds care to share their favourite cafes in Central London?

    1. What about Automat on Dover St? Do they do breakfast?

      1. Yes, Automat does serve breakfast. The menu offers American style options served with hashbrowns.
        I'm hoping to find something that is a little more English, but I appreciate your suggestion and will add it to my list for options nearby. Thank you!

        1. I know exactly what your looking for, but won't be able to name it. I have gone 6 times to London from L.A. and stayed in 4 Mayfair Hotels. And I found a nice small breakfast eatery (too small they'll have no web precense) by wandering around in "Shepherd's Market". If you click the link below and then hit the small map button on the upper right you'll see it located 4 short blocks away from Stratton Street:

          From the red circle head toward Hyde Park & maybe take a crannish street south, sorry can't remember from that map.

          1. Thank you for the information and the link, JBC.
            I'm happy to hear it might be possible to find what I'm looking for by wandering around Sheperds Market.