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Jeng Chi (DFW)

I'm having dinner tomorrow night with friends at Jeng Chi (the dumpling house) in Richardson. Just wanted to check and see if any chowhounds had suggestions/tips for ordering.

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  1. The boiled dumplings are good, and unusual to find in this area. Soups are better than average, too. The mustard greens/stalks with pork was good when I had it. The only thing I have had that wasn't good was their sesame balls (the one with sweet bean filling) which were soaking with oil.

    1. If you like spicy food I would recommend the ma po tofu and the boiled sliced beef (tender beef and napa cabbage topped with cilantro in a very spicy soup sauce). Both are Szechuan specialties that Jeng Chi does well.

      1. green onion pancake green onion pancake yum

        1. Second the green onion pancake.

          I usually get the boiled dumplings and pot stickers. And like Kirk said, stay away from their sesame balls.

          1. Please report back and tell us what you thought of the place.

            1. I'm not very familiar with Dallas. I will be flying to DFW on Monday night and looking for dinner between the airport and my hotel near the Keller Springs Rd. exit from the Dallas Parkway.Is Jeng Chi within a reasonable detour? At the risk of going off topic for this thread, does anyone have other suggestions? TIA

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                You would be going about 15-20 minutes out of your way. Jeng Chi is east of where you are.

                What exactly are you looking for?

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                  Anything interesting. Is there any good barbeque? Mex-Mex?

              2. If you're looking for good Chinese and don't want to go out of your way, the Carrollton location of First Chinese BBQ (has been discussed many times on chowhound, just do a simple search) is in a shopping center at the northeast corner of Beltline and Josey. Then you can keep going west on Beltline for access to either I-35E or George Bush Turnpike and be on your way to DFW.

                First Chinese BBQ
                1917 E Beltline Rd Suite 122
                Carrollton, TX

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                  I was gonna say the exact same suggestion for GDK. First Chinese BBQ is quite good.

                2. Summary of my Jeng Chi experience:

                  Per chowhound suggestions, we ordered the green onion pancake. For $2 we got 6 wedges of flaky dough layers touched with a subtle green onion flavor. Reminded me of an asian, oniony spanikopita. Yum.

                  I ordered the pork and shrimp steamed dumplings (8 for $4.95 I think). I would rate them slightly below average. From a stellar steamed dumpling, I expect the wrapper to be soft and slightly sticky, but not to the point of sticking to the steamer and tearing when I lift it from the basket. These were over-steamed, so the wrapper was slightly chewy and had hard corners. The filling itself was fine-- no particularly striking flavor to it. Moreover, the dumplings were lukewarm when they arrived at the table.

                  I sampled my friend's potstickers. Also rated as ok. The dumplings weren't too greasy, but did lack some flavor.

                  The restaurant itself was clean, and the service was efficient and friendly. Also, it's BYOB.

                  I would definitely go back to try something off the noodle menu and for the prices. But next time I have a dumpling craving, I'll hold out for the ha cao at Maxim's.

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                    Thanks for reporting back, it helps all of us.

                  2. Took a non-asian friend there for lunch today. We had the juicy dumplings and green onion pancake. Big hit with my friend. I'd say the dumplings this time around were pretty good. Jeng Chi has been added to our rotation.

                    1. i 3rd the green onion pancake!