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Oct 19, 2006 04:16 AM

Peet's Green Peony tea-I like it!

I got an email from Peet's Tea & Coffee about this Green Peony tea and since it looked so pretty had to get my own.

It's a rare green tea hand-crafted in the shape of a flower. From the tin: "Green Peony gets its name from the unique appearance of the tea, which when infused resembles a blooming peony. This rare tea comes from a pair of villages in southern Anhui Province, China, and is completely hand-made. Plucking only the finest spring growth, the leaves are skillfully tied into a beautiful flower shape, and then pan-fired by hand. This is a "display tea," meant to be enjoyed not only for its taste, but for its appearance as well."

I like it, it's a pretty light green tea, and recommend it. A tin 1/8 lb (57g) is $18.75.

my pic of Green Peony tea:

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  1. Thanks, hhc, for your recommendation of this Green Peony Tea at Peets. I bought some today and I am looking forward to trying it.

    I am always impressed by the service at Peets. As I was purchasing a couple of tins of tea, they offered me any drink I wanted. It was too late in the day for caffeine, so I passed, but their service is amazingly gracious...always!

    I just wish they would consider having their teas under a separate roof so that I and my clothes don't smell of coffee grinds when I leave. I have experienced this, no matter what time I go. Is this preventable, other than isolating the tea in a separate store?

    1. I just tried this Green Peony Tea from Peet's, and it is as good as what I have ordered online. I really like Rishi's Angel Peach Organic blooming flowers; they open beautifully and I love the flavor. But Peet's Green Peony Tea Flowers are favorably comparable. I am not sure I would know the difference!

      As an added boost, I like to squeeze in a few drops of orange flower water and/or rose water -- which can be easily purchased in any Middle Eastern market and elsewhere.