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Oct 19, 2006 04:06 AM

after-work eats in downtown SF

I'm looking for a fun, cheap and tasty place to meet a friend after work for dinner and probably a drink or two. Should be within reasonable walking distance of one of the downtown BART stations (Embarcadero to Civic Center). Somewhere not too crazy but not too quiet either, and good for folks with non-profit-salary-size budgets who like to eat well. Any suggestions would be great.

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  1. If you like oysters, and you're meeting your friend on a Monday or Thursday, go to Hog Island for their happy hour ($1 oysters, and good grilled cheese). Slanted Door also has a nice bar area, and you can eat the full menu at the bar (and in the tables in the bar area, you can eat all of the appetizers). I've found that when sharing food at Slanted Door, it's not that expensive at all, depending on what you order. Both are in the Ferry Building, so very easy to get to, but if possible, you should get to both on the early side.

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      I wouldn't pick Slanted Door as a place to meet somebody, since more often than not when I poke my head in the door after work the bar is standing room only.

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        I've gone to Slanted Door for after work drinks frequently, and if you get there early enough, it's fine. Also, even when it's standing room early, they'll give you drinks and snacks while you're waiting for a seat at the bar.

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          1. Go to one of the places on Belden Alley (between Kearny & Montgomery, Bush & Pine). You'll be able to find something delicious and reasonable at B44, Plouf, Tiramisu or Cafe Bastille -- my favorite is B44, for wonderful tapas and paellas, but I'd be happy at any of them. Sit inside, or outside under the heat-lamps -- it's great for people-watching.