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Oct 19, 2006 03:45 AM

Some Chinatown updates

Tried the new Cantonese roast meat place across from Ginza calld Great BBQ. Nice glazed roast pork (cha1 shao1), but a notch down from China Pearl Best Cafe's. I do like their roast pork with crispy skin (shao1 rou4) -- got a nice cut of what was the shoulder -- good crispy skin, but less of the pearly fattness of the belly cut. Sauce is a bit heavy on star anise and/or clove. Worth checking out more.

Chinatown Eatery is closing at the end of the month as the building is going to be demolished (or seriously renovated). Bummer -- Gourmet Seafood's a favourite of mine and will be sad to see it go.

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  1. ack! that's terrible news, i'm a big fan of gourmet seafood as well as the boba tea place in the eatery. i also assume that chances are good that the renovated building will be office space or condos and won't return as a food spot...

    1. Chinatown Eatery's closing!! That's terrible!! It's such a world unto itself.

      1. Yikes, that's awful news. I will very much miss Swatow and particularly the BBQ chicken and fried fice lunch that Sheila recommmended from her youth. I'll make a point of trying Gourmet seafood before they close. I had the roast duck when Great BBQ opened last week and it was OK but did not stand out. They had free samples of the crispy skin roast pork and I agree that the skin was very nice.

        1. Oh, I had no idea the Chinatown Eatery was going to close. What a messy, crazy, great location to have a meal. Boooooo...

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          1. this for certain, 2nd Floor is going to be gone???

            If so..well, all good things must pass, I guess. But I'll seriously miss that place. When in college, many late dinners were had there.