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Oct 19, 2006 03:44 AM

Looking for a Cool Spot for Group Xmas Party...Help!


I've been tasked to find a cool spot for 30 somethings for a Christmas party...preferably a private room, definately a set price make it easy. Hoping for a set menu in the $30-50 dollar range before drinks.

We're willing to go anywhere in the city...if the food and the price are right!

Please help...I hate setting these things up!

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  1. Just a thought..I walk by this place all the time and did check them out for a party I was planning (alas, I had no budget)..I can't vouch for the food, but the rooms looked nice and the staff seemed's a link:

    they are located at Bay and Dundas

    1. what about the Academy of Spherical Arts???

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        Thanks for reminding me about ASA... I always forget about it. But I think this is one of the best places in the city for big office parties. The food is decent (not blow-you-away fab, but certainly good enough for an office party) and the environment is great. Soaring ceilings, exposed brick, beautiful pool tables, etc. And reasonably priced, to boot.

      2. What about Southern Accent near Bloor & Bathurst? It's cajun food with lively fun vibe, fantastic service, and they have a few rooms of various sizes that can be reserved by groups. They also have a few different set menus that are a great deal compared to eating there a la carte.

        1. i did a birthday dinner for about 25 people at gypsy co-op....they did a prix fix menu that they adjusted to what i preferred.....the price range is definitely within your budget....the food was quite good & it's a pretty cool/hip but laid back place.....the also try and use a lot of organic ingredients which i definitely appreciate.

          1. I threw a party for about 20 at Izakaya- I think the manager's name is chris? He was brilliant- handled everything.