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Oct 19, 2006 03:09 AM

Festive Dinner for 12 Grad Students

A teacher friend of mine at NYU wants to take her 12 students out for a festive dinner. Someone had suggested Caracas Arepas Bar to her, which seemed like it might be a little cramped for a group of 12. Anybody have other suggestions for places in the village?



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    1. Inoteca in East Village has a private room, it's the basement but not unpleasant. And not expensive.

      1. Gnocco. They are Italian and lovely, and it just always a good time (I am a bit of broken record on this place, but it is one of the few places where I have had consistently good meals for a large group). Good young fun atmosphere and reasonably priced wine.

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          Gnocco is actually a really, really good call. Great for groups, sharing and drinking wine. I second the reco.

        2. Agave does well with large parties. It's southwestern (delicious shrimp tacos, good margaritas, etc.) on 7th Ave. South & W. 10th St.

          1. La Nacional on 14th st. is a great place. It's a unique experience, and is part of the Spanish Benevolent Society. Delicious sangria, tapas and paella. Straightfoward, nothing trendy but delicious. Great for sharing with a large group. The dining room is very casual, and I hear there is flamenco certain nights of the week.