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Oct 19, 2006 02:22 AM

Nice Dinner near Palmer House Hilton

I'm taking a friend out who's coming to Chicago for the first time. I'm looking for a nice place for dinner preferably within a mile distance from the Palmer House Hilton. Mid-price (under $25 for entrees), any kind of food except a steakhouse or bar. Thanks so much!

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  1. Frontera Grill - Entrees $15-22 - 1.4 miles though.

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      Unfortunately, Frontera isn't open the night I'm looking to go out (Monday evening)...thanks though!

    2. Try the Atwood Cafe in the Hotel Burnham on State & Washington

      1. The Park Grill at Millenium Park is close by. They have a nice variety of choices.

        1. Russian Tea Time is a favorite choice of mine in that area - belle epoque interior, delcious traditional Russian cuisine, friendly service, and all but a few entrees are in the $18 - $20 range. Here's a link: