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Oct 19, 2006 02:21 AM

Griswold cast iron question

I was wondering if anyone knew of a conversion chart that went from number to inches. IOW, I believe a #10 pan is about 11.75 inches. Is there a chart that will tell me what size a #2 is, or a #20?

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  1. Well, I don't know about a chart, but my 8 seems to be 9". Are you measuring the edge of the pan or the bottom? Perhaps you could answer another Griswold question-- why is it so much lighter than my other cast iron? Thanks!

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      Because it's much better iron. That's the secret of OLD cast iron, the Griswolds and the Wagner Ware - it's a grade of iron that makes the Lodge pans, worthy though they are, feel downright clunky, and because it's of higher tensile strength it could be made much thinner. A good old pan will ring like a bell if you give it a sharp tap with your knuckles.

      As for size, some measurements are in inches across the bottom - a #10 is ten inches of cooking surface. Some of the other old sizes that seem not to relate to anything just make me crazy - or would if I worried about it.

    2. Here is a great Size & Capacity Chart for Griswold and Wagner:

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        This chart evidently is based on outside diameter, and is accurate only to the nearest 1/8 inch. My No. 6 is 9 and 1/16 O.D.

      2. Please,
        I'm asking the same QUESTION.Is there someone who will Help me with that Question.Espesially will Cast Iron anything.Now I've tried to order a couple Pots.I'm told these aren't what I want.I tell them I want to cook a 1/2 bushel of Blue Crabs,Oh this is what you want.

        Kurt Smith.

        1. how do i find out about the vintage of my pan? How can i tell how old is my pan ?

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            Try this link and do not bid against me on eBay as I Christmas shop for old

          2. My No. 6 is 8 and 3/4 inches I.D. at the top.