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Oct 19, 2006 02:08 AM

Two Hounds and one Picky Eater

Coming to town and would like to go to some good places. But one in the group is picky (likes plain chicken). Looking for a place that will accomodate the picky one but indulge the hounds. Help!

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  1. My guess is that you'll want a less well-known but still good restaurant, and there are plenty of those in nyc...too many to recommend, but one that is moderately to modestly priced (under $20 for an entree) and serves simple but good food is Friend of a Farmer in the Gramercy Park area, on Irving around 19th St.? Five Points restaurant is a bit more ambitious, but good, as is its siter restaurant, Cookshop. And nearby Cookshop on 10th Ave. is La Luncheonette, cozy, a wonderful wonderful owner, good service....French but not fussy. Fun! Across town is Lucien's on 1st and 1st...many many to choose from, you're in luck!!!!

    1. Maybe Tuscan cuisine would be a good bet. Your picky friend could be happy with Pollo Arrosto con Patatini Arrosti, and you can have something else, if you like. Consider Col Legno on 9th St. just west of 2nd Av., for example.

      1. You could go the Craft route--a place that serves great, simply-prepared dishes. You'll appreciate the quality and your unworthy friend will appreciate the simplicity. (Actually, the word "appreciate" is probably too complimentary of his/her capacity for enjoyment, right? More like "it will prevent whining." Haha!)