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Oct 19, 2006 01:37 AM

Recycled Grocery Bags

I'm looking to buy recycled grocery bags. I've looked at two websites - and but I can't seem to make up my mind. At home I have both the canvas kind and the recycled (polypropylene?) kind and I prefer the recycled kind but I'm just wondering what other people think. I want something sturdy and easy to carry, no string bags.

I would like to buy about 100, so each one being $6.95 is a bit of a problem. But bags in the $4 to $5 range is worth considering.

Oh and if anyone has ever seen a source for the grocery bags you can buy in Paris supermarkets, please share.

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  1. I use both LL Bean and Lands End canvas bags. These are very sturdy and stiff, so things don't flop around. I have various sizes, and many baggers say how good they are because they are the stiff version.

    If by chance you have a LL Bean outlet near you, you can get them for a pretty good price, they may have someone's name on them, but I don't care. If you do, it is pretty easy to take out the stitching.

    Never been to Paris, so have no idea what sort of bag you are speaking of.

    1. At the quantity you're looking to buy, you should be able to talk a wholesaler into selling to you at much less than the prices you've been seeing. Check the local yellow pages for places where street vendors buy. Or bargain with a vendor for a price break for quantity.
      I'm assuming you live in or near a big city. If not, try the internet (maybe Froogle) for bulk pricing.

      1. Are you looking for those cotton knit market bags you see in Paris? I picked mine up at my local co-op a few years back.

        1. A local grocery store chain sells recycled bags for .99. Bag has loop handles and the store's name. The bags they have are blue.

          Their "main" store's phone number is: 650.952-2851. Give them a call, perhaps they will tell you their supplier, or maybe sell you some. Name of the chain is: Lunardi's. This is in the San Francisco area of California.

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            The bag has a tag inside.

            Earthwise---reusable bags

            Made in China
            100% non woven polypropylene
            Cold Wash Hand
            Do Not Bleach
            Do Not Tumble Dry


          2. Thanks for the links everyone. I will investigate. I was actually surprised that the recycled bags really have come down in price.