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Recs lunch or early dinner near San Mateo Fairgrounds

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If no one has any suggestions, we'll just go to Val's for burgers on the way home. We could do worse, but can you do better?

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  1. Go to Shanghai East on 25th at El Camino and get some xiao long bao.

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    1. Taxi's Hamburgers, El Camino Real and 29th?, San Mateo
      Crepevine, Burlingame Ave between Primrose and Park, Burlingame
      Steelhead Brewery, Lorton Ave (off Burlingame Ave), Burlingame
      Jeffrey's Hamburgers, 2nd and B, downtown San Mateo
      plus tons of other ethnic (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Mexican, Peruvian, etc etc) on B Street in downtown SM between 1st and 4th.

      1. Are you asking for burger recs, or just recs in general?

        You're not too far from Yuzu, which has pretty stellar sushi. Just off El Camino Real on 37th Ave.

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          Any kind of recommendations would be appreciated. Will be at an antique show all day and will be ready to eat.

        2. For old-fashioned Italian, just on the other (west) side of El Camino is Luceti's with good quality food and full bar. Warm, casual ambience.

          1. If the antique show leaves you famished, you must try Pancho Villa Taqueria in downtown San Mateo. Drive north on Delaware Ave., left on 4th Ave., right on B Street. It's the second storefront on the right.

            My husband and I call this place "our second kitchen". They serve up delicious, filling burritos and dinner plates for cheap. We're there at least twice a week.