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Oct 19, 2006 01:08 AM

Galco's Soda Pop Stop

I know, i know. The high fructose corn syrup. But c'mon. Go and have a pop and some necco wafers. It's a fun little outing. Plus they have a lot of different, weird beers and pint glasses from the breweries. You won't believe all the pop they have. Celery Soda! Sounds gross (and it kinda was) but it was fun to try.

I love this place. The owner is really nice and he has a little deli in back. I'm not sure why--probably because he just wants to-it's a mini, mini version of Bay Cities. The sandwhich part of Bay Cities.

I haven't been in awhile and I'm heading there this weekend.

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  1. The owner of this place hates high fructose corn syrup also. There are plenty of sodas there which are sweetened with real sugar.

    1. From what I understand, originally it was an Itaian market way back when the neighborhood was mostly Italians. The last of the old market is the Deli stand.
      Yeah, the owner is a nice guy and if your looking for an old soda you had when you were young he will search for it if he doesn't have it all ready. ALso, they have a pretty good selection of old candy favorites.
      The beer selection is very good. If you are the adventurous type then this is the place for you. Everything from Kosher brew to high alcohol content. It's fun just to read the labels.
      This place is ONE of a kind, glad that it is here in L.A.

      1. The deli serves pretty good, old school italian sandwiches. Grab a pop, a sandwich and a park bench--you got yourself a picnic.

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          Hi.. Love Galco, for the sodas. However, formerly in several old threads, I've not been too kind about the deli section of the store. In retrospect, I feel my words regarding the deli were overly harsh, and therefor I retract those old statements. They were largely in response to Huell Howser's hyperbole, I now realize. Sorry...

          1. re: silence9

            I'm sure Huell forgives you.

            The sandwiches aren't super, but they're good. And they make a nice accompaniment to whatever soda or beer you pick up.

        2. They also have a nice selection of import beers.

          1. They also have a good selection of "old-time" candies (oops, noticed this is mentioned above). They have sodas and beers from various parts of the country and world.

            It was an Italian deli/market awhile back, but not "way back." I'm not that old. I don't think that part of Highland Park was ever an Italian neighborhood, or any part of Highland Park, for that matter.

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            1. re: slacker

              Actually, there was an Italian presence in the Eagle Rock/Highland Park area many years ago. Hence the existence of Casa Bianca.

              1. re: scoot

                I'm sure there was a presence, but not a neighborhood of "mostly Italians" as referenced above. Also, Eagle Rock and Highland Park are two species, even though close together, but the lines probably aren't quite as pronounced as they used to be.
                There's also Foliero's on Figueroa in highland park, a pizza place that's been around for many years. We used to go there all the time and ordered the deluxe, great thin crust pizza. They moved across the street some years ago. I ought to try it again after all these years.