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Oct 19, 2006 12:45 AM

Seeking Japanese but NOT sushi or teriyaki or noodles

I'm looking for a great Japanese place but not sushi or teriyaki or noodles.

Maybe some Okonomiyaki or Yakitori or Tonkatsu?

Anyone know of a place in Los Angeles?

I'm near Hancock Park, but willing to drive a bit.

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  1. izayoi on central and 2nd
    haru ulala in little tokyo
    geisha house west hollywood
    koshiji in little tokyo
    sakura house on the west side
    furaibo on sawtelle blvd in west la

    1. There was just a thread about yakitori places...

      Also, Torafuku in Westwood area has really good Japanese food. The tonkatsu lunch special is great! They are known for their rice.

      1. Ita-cho (small plates, has limited sashimi and no sushi)
        7311 Beverly Blvd.
        Los Angeles, CA 90036
        (323) 938-9009

        Yakitoriya (uses bincho charcoal from Japan)
        11501 Olympic Blvd. #101 (entrance is on Sawtelle)
        Los Angeles CA 90064
        (310) 479-5400

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. closer to home shabu-shabu:

            I’ve driven by Shabu-Shabu-Ya (corner of La Brea and 8th) many times pre-opening. This morning Shabu-Shabu-Ya appeared to be open for business but I could not confirm by the G-search-engine.

          2. For okonomiyaki try GaJa.

            Here's some photos of my last trip there: