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Oct 19, 2006 12:04 AM

Taco, Carncerias, Panaderia Crawls SD

I was hoping someone could reccomend strips of streets, avenues, etc with a concentration of latino businesses. University? Barrio Logan?

On a related note, has anyone tried Delia's Kitchen or Chicano Perk?

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  1. The area around Chicano Park - Cesar Chavez & Logan Ave in Barrio Logan would be good! But use caution as this are is not one of the safest in the city.

    1. Try Adams Ave, west of the 805. University Ave. West of the I-15. National City, Chula Vista and San Ysidro have hevy concentrations of Latinos with concentrations of Latin markets scattered throughout those communities.

      Since you live in Temecula, have you tried going north as well as south. Riverside and San Berdoo probably have as many latin markets, carnecerias and panaderias as does San Diego. Also parts of Orange County, Santa Ana comes to mind. I think the distance and drive times would be about the same.

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        Thanks for the reccomendations. I am actually going to riverside today and will report back. A while back I did a report on Santa Ana under the thread 'Santa Ana mexican food scene' on the LA board. Tried my first Torta Ahogada, and I actually went to my first Northgate market there, after reading your SD Northgate report. It was great.