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Oct 18, 2006 11:53 PM

Super Mira Market at SF Japantown report

Went here the other day and was pleasantly surprised. I didn't notice a bakery, but supposedly there is one.

I found some items worth getting:

Milky candy for $2.98-haven't tried it yet, but it's supposed to be good.

Hana flavored lychee sake produced & bottled by Takara Sake USA Inc, Berkeley. a 750 ML bottle is $9.98 before tax. They have raspberry flavor too.

Also got two boxes of Yamamoto decaf green tea, 20 tea bags for $3.98 each.

Male cashier was friendly. They take Credit Cards.
Open daily 9:30am-7pm

Super Mira Market
1790 Sutter St

picture of stuff I bought:

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  1. Do they have bento boxes, a deli with tonkatsu or side dishes, sushi grade salmon or mackerel?

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    1. re: niki rothman

      Not sure about tonkatsu, but yes to all the rest.