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Oct 18, 2006 11:22 PM

Divine Italian in Rochester MN

I dined at Victorias' Ristorante last weekend in Rochester, MN. I cannot begin to tell you how awesome the flavor of the Veal Vesuvio was. It was divine. Their wine list is extensive and very enjoyable. Decent atmosphere and timely service. We selected a mushroom stuffed appetizer which was disappointing; bar food variety and our particular waiter was continually trying to upsell. But, the Veal and wine were remarkable and I'd go back in a second!

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  1. They are certainly the best Italian Restaurant in town! For another foodie option I reccommend you check out Prescott's Grill Superb wine list and the *very* well trained chef serving up specials and entrees unlike most in Rochester.

    1. With respect, saying that Victoria's is the best Italian in Rochester MN, is like saying that Sbarro has the best pizza in the local foodcourt. Victoria's is horrible. The pasta is overcooked, and drenched in hyper-rich, creamy, buttery cream sauces or gobs and gobs of Ragu quality redsauce. On the plus side, they give you enough food to satisfy even the heartiest OCB loving appetite. And you gotta give them points for sheer audacity claiming on their sign to be "authentic italian food". What a laugh! Taco Bell must be authentic mexican food then.

      Prescotts is good, and their wine list is really nice, especially for value. I'd like to see more daily seasonal specials. Avoid the cheese tray....Good quality artisan cheeses, but laughably small in portion for the money.

      We've been eating a lot lately at Jasper's (daube's downtown location). You need need need to try their butter poached haddock over seafood stock risotto. Sounds bland, but its not at all.. It's the best dish in town IMO.