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Oct 18, 2006 11:13 PM

A Tavola in Redwood City - been there recently or any reviews to share??

Went to Milagros last night & was somewhat disappointed.
Not awful & chips great & fresh last night.
Drinks good. Food. Pretty good but service, iffy.
And disappointed in lack of vegetarian offerings for hubby & me.

Have family in town w/limited range of tastes so was considering
A Tavola which happens to be run by same people. They also like Italian so could consider Vino Santo Bistro if anyone has tried it lately too. If so, please share here!!

I know you'd think I'd learn's been so long since I tried this place when it was in San Carlos, willing to give it one shot.

Tavola is now more "American" in style w/only a few pasta dishes, but the halibut appealed to my mom. She's not into ethnic at ALL, or would recommend the many Middle Eastern or Thai spots in town which we enjoy. (my hubby & me)

I only mention the menu as I gave it a good look last night.

Went to A Tavola years ago in San Carlos. Menu has changed a LOT since then & almost nothing vegetarian remains. (a disappointment to hubby & me, altho' they never were all that big on offering that)

Anyway, would really appreciate a recent review on this place!
The ambiance is nice enough for my mom & brother (in town)...but how is the food? Any details most welcome!

Or if you have another spot in town not to be missed, that would appeal to someone who can't take much in the way of spices, please do share.

Btw, I wonder if next time we should try Mexquite for Mexican? (btw, mom not along for that got more 'wild' with that last night) ;-) Thanks again!! :-)

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  1. Had a terrible dinner there on Saturday evening. Out of our party of six all the entrees came out either cold or lukewarm. Two of the steaks were cold AND overcooked, had to send them back. One order of shortribs was a giant piece of fat and gristle, had to send that back. 2 crab cioppinos, but the restaurant had no nutcrackers or any tools to crack the crab. The crab was supposed to come cracked but none were so the crab went to waste. By then we got tired of sending stuff back, just wanted to get out of there. Just awful, stay away.