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Oct 18, 2006 10:53 PM

Centro- main menu vs. tapas?

I was first of all wondering if anyone had been to Centro lately.. and if so, if it was any good/what did you have etc.?
Secondly, when Im looking at the menu on line, I see they have a main menu, and a tapas menu too.. Can you order from both? WHat are the portions of the mains menu appatisers vs. the tapas menu? Is this place worth going at all?

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  1. Centro is not every good and an extreme rip-off when you factor in the price. The place is best avoided., period.

    1. That's quite an adddtion to the board wordsworth!

      I have been to Centro about 10 times since the renovation-both upstairs and down, and have been very happy on all occasions. The room is beautiful, service incredible and terrific food. Prices aren't cheap but are what you'd expect in a restaurant of it's kind. Apps upstairs are about $8.00-$20, mains $20-$40. As I said, not cheap-but it is one of the finest restaurants in the city. Tapas downstairs range from about $8.00-$15.00. I'm pretty sure you can't order off the downstairs menu whie sitting upstairs. Give it a try and enjoy!! In my opinion-way better value than N44.

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        i was trying to decide mainly b/w N44 and Centro.. so thats good to know..

      2. Last time I was there a couple of months ago, they had deconstructed the plates in the main dining room so you have to order sides. Pretty hefty pricing all in. Basement tapas is a better option IMHO. Portions are fair overall, just prices high. Similar sizes between apps and tapas. There are better options in midtown.

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          any suggestions of these other options?