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Oct 18, 2006 10:39 PM

Bellmore- Laura's BBQ Roadhouse- Any reviews?

Wondering if anyone has been to the BBQ place in Bellmore that opened where the Smithville Cafe used to be? It was mentioned in Newsday as having opened but I haven't seen anything else about it.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. I live around the corner. been three times.

    babyback - nice bark, tender, little meat.
    st. louis - dry, tough, no smoke flavor.
    pulled pork sandwich - tender, smoky, no sauce, served on a ciabata roll (Another time i saw it served on a hamburger type bun.)
    wings - nice spice - better than standard bar wings.

    sides -
    cole slaw - really good, sweet, too much liquid
    corn bread - I like it but it comes out wet on the bottom, kinda soggy - let it sit on a napkin for a few minutes and it drys out. Sweet flavor.
    beans - I swear they are Bush's baked beans from a can.
    potato salad - disgusting, no flavor, needed salt, a dry mashed up mess.

    service at bar - one young guy is really nice and helpful - one woman has a poor attitude, wasn't very helpful and shouldn't be in customer service. She was very negative and mean spirited about work, customers, life in general when I overheard her talking to her friends whom I was sitting near.

    The restaurant seems overwhelmed on the weekends.

    1. That review makes the place sound mediocre at best.

      1. The husband and I just ate there last night. We both split a rack of St. Louis and Baby Back Ribs. Overall, we were not impressed. The ribs were just ok...they were served without sauce and with just a dry rub which is fine. However, the only selection of sauce on the table was a commercial-style sweet sauce. Most BBQ places that I've been to have 3-4 different sauces on the table to cater to individual tastes. The sides definitely need work..the baked beans were tasteless and looked vaguely like Heinz beans..the cole slaw, too, had nothing going for it. To be honest, I'll stick with Tennessee Jack's in Islip, Smokin' Al's, or Blue Smoke in NYC which is my absolute favorite.

        1. Now that they've been open a little longer, does anyone have some fresh insights? I've been wanting to try it, and just haven't gotten there.