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Oct 18, 2006 10:25 PM

Issui Opening In Old Cinch Location

Just got back from an amazing trip to Japan, where I overheard some LA restaurant gossip in, of all places, a jammed Tokyo sushi bar!

Apparently, a beautiful Japanese woman is planning to open a tofu/sushi bar called Issui in the old Cinch restaurant space between 15th and 16th Street in Santa Monica. Heard her say she is planning a soft opening in early December and hopes to bring an authentic tofu dining experience to Southern California.

Sounds interesting!

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  1. Good detective work Michael.

    Here is the abc info from their website.

    1. Did you tell her the Umenohana Beverly Hills story?

      1. We are really looking forward to this opening of ISSUI. Thanks for carrying this information on the flight from Japan all the way back to our ears in LA!

        I was fortunate enough to enjoy Umenohana when it was open for its brief stint. It had a really nice feel, and dining there was an event.

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        1. re: liu

          I loved Umenohana, too, so I was really sad when it closed! We went when it first opened, and the food was exquisite and unique. It brought fond memories of genuine Japanese cuisine.

        2. Didn't get into the story of Umenohana with her...we were too busy scarfing down Chu-Toro and Asahi!!!