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Oct 18, 2006 10:07 PM

Alcohol on Planes - Checked Luggage

It's still ok to pack alcohol in luggage you plan to check, right? Are there specific guidelines? Will a bottle be ok in the cargo hold with the cold temps (I assume so, since it's fine in the freezer)?

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  1. I had a bottle of Evan Williams Single Barrel in my checked luggage from Chicago to Orlando with no problems. I did take care to 'bubble wrap' it though.

    1. I second the bubble wrap suggestion. I'd be more worried about the bag getting tossed around, then thrown down on the tarmac.

      1. Cargo holds are likely to be somewhat cooler than the passenger compartment, but they aren't below freezing (and they're at the same pressure).

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. just came back from europe only carrying a massive backpack and stuffed about 9 bottles of belgium beer, foie gras and some marron glaces.

            all i did was stuff them into socks for padding and arranged them as tight as i could with whatever clothing i had as a buffer. so with maybe about 2 or so inches of solid padding between the rough baggage handling and my alcohol... we did just fine! not a single crack, break leak or anything.

            my sister did the same with beer and a bottle of champagne. nice and chilled when i got it back, unfortunately not in drinking condition though.