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Oct 18, 2006 09:46 PM

Doral Lunch spots?

Best sushi?
Best Pizza?
Best Cuban Sandwich?
Best Middle eastern food? => Cleopatra (on 107th and 36th) is authentic and reasonably cheap...
Best burger?
Best Cuban coffee?

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  1. Excellent Pan con Bistec (steak sandwich) at the Lunch Box or Lunch Break 9682 NW 12th Street - (97th ave / 12th street -East of the gas station) Counter service - be sure to get your free sample of fried yuca...

    Excellent pizza at spizzigo - pricey, but delicious wood oven pizza - Feels like you are in Italy,

    Excellent NY style pizza at Luv'n Oven (not sure of spelling) in Beacon Plaza - on 12th Street and 84th Ave in Beacon Plaza. Next to El Tropico.

    1. How's La Esquina del Lechon doing out on 58th St???

      Bruschetta does a nice job on 41st.

      Latin American Grill on 36th St has good Cuban.

      1. Aguacates on 87th Ave. Also there's a new hot dog place opening in the same strip mall. Forget the name.