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Oct 18, 2006 09:23 PM

Chop Chop

I tried a few things from the new take out place on the corner of Smith and Dean across from Bar Tabac. It's very reasonably priced. I tried a lentil salad and an orzo with black olive paste. They were both pretty tasty. They don't have everything out yet but there are samples of sandwiches that were good. The people who work there are friendly and trying to please.

Anyone else been there?

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  1. I walked in on the weekend. Staffed by Gap types. Saw a cheese priced $3 more per lb. than I pay at Sahadi's for the same cheese. Produce was priced higher than the local markets. Music was being piped in. An announcer in a soothing voice said that I was listening to Starbucks Radio. No idea what that's about. Nothing about the place interested me. Gave me the creeps in a Stepford kind of way. Felt like it was outfitted by Instant Fabulousness, Ltd. Pre-fab. Bogus. I left.

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      Well I went in over the weekend for some last minute chili making shopping and had a pleasant experience. All the produce was fresh, picked up a nice bottle of hot sauce, and a baguette.

      Sahadi's cheese is also cheaper than Stinky and most newer places in the neighborhood.

    2. Sahadi's cheese also hasn't been one of their strong spots - I've gotten some "past their prime" cheeses in the past. I know they brought ina new cheesemonger, so I'm not sure if quality has improved or not.

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        And much as I love Sahadi's, I had the very unpleasant experience of buying parmesean butter that ended up being moldy when I got it home.

        Sahadi's for me is about their prepared foods (falafel, meat pies, hummus, etc)...I rarely get cheese there. That's what Stinky is for :) And my pita I get next door at Damascus.