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Oct 18, 2006 08:38 PM

Suggestions for fantastic venue for impressive dinner near Marriott World Center

I am looking to host a dinner next year for around 40 people. We typically have been very lucky in the past few locations - San Antonio, San Francisco, I was looking for an interesting venue - trying to avoid commercial chains - to host the dinner. I typically budget approximately 50-$75 pp for the food. Local flavor would be great - I just need to have it in a somewhat professional establishment... Please help!



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  1. Top of my list would be the Venetian Room at the Caribe Royale hotel or Victoria and Albert's at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort.

    However, they are probably a bit north of your budget and, while wonderful, are not terribly representative of the region.

    Norman's at the Grande Lakes Resort Ritz Carlton is closer to local cuisine, but again probably north of a $60 a person tab.

    One thought is to do the churrascaria-style, Brazilian steakhouse Texas de Brazil on I-Drive. It's in your price range, very professional and used to dealing with group like yours. All you can eat selections of 14 different meats, from Brazilian sausage to lamb chops to half a dozen cuts of beef, marinated and grilled over open fires and served from the skewer at your plate.

    Less convenient but quite elegant is the Maison & Jardin restaurant in Altamonte Springs. It has been around forever, set in a beautiful garden with fine food and service. Recently the owner announced he was ending a la carte service but continuing to do event and banquet business. Check them out at www.maisonjardin.com.

    There's a very nice, eclectic restaurant on Park Avenue in Winter Park that has a lovely private dining area called Luma on Park. Lots of small plates, flavorful pastas and seafood, game, seasonal menu and great wine. check www.lumaonpark.com

    A final suggestion among a number of choices along our Restaurant Row -- West Sand Lake Road -- is Moonfish. Steaks and seafood cook over a wood fired grill, great decor and it should be within your price range.


    1. We ate a moonfish & enjoyed it avoid Fulton's at all cost.

      1. Forty people is rough. Check out California Grill at the Contemporary at Disney. It is one of the few places in that neck of the woods that I think would be professional enough to handle a large group - while avoiding a hotel catering experience. Robyn

        1. Primo at the JW Grande Lakes could probably handle your group.

          1. I would recommend Antonio's Sand Lake. It's a beautiful Italian restaurant with wonderful food and several private dining rooms.http://www.antoniosonline.com/Antonio...