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Oct 18, 2006 08:33 PM

Traveling on plane with jars of sauce...

A potentially dangerous move. :) But, I am visiting friend in LA this weekend...he just moved out there from Queens a few months ago. I asked him if there was anything here that he could not get there that he would like me to bring. I had not expected him to say jars his "favorite, favorite sauce that he lived for in NY", made by a local italian market. Any suggestions for getting glass jars of sauce in my luggage and to LA safely? I prefer to have clothes I can actually wear when I arrive! :) THANKS!

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  1. Tape lids shut, wrap in bubble wrap, double baggie, and put in the center of your luggage. I used this method to bring a couple of bottles of a special syrup to friends in Guatemala and it worked as hoped, despite the fact that baggage handlers in Guate are notorious for throwing bags around as much as they can.

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      Ditto. I've flown around the world with food items in my luggage and so far have yet to have anything break.

    2. Do you have a vacuum-sealer? I think I'd seal each jar in a vacuum bag, then place that in a zip-top bag, fill the rest of the space in the zip-top bag with packing popcorn and zip the bag closed.

      Then again, maybe you could ask the folks at the market to pack half a dozen jars in a cardboard box for shipping, mark it "FRAGILE, GLASS ENCLOSED" and check it as a 2nd piece of luggage?

      1. I would strongly advise that you skip putting anything like that in your luggage. The risk could easily ruin your trip. Take your jars to a shipping place and have them pack it and take the necessary steps to get it to your friend.

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          1. In my experience only commercial vacumm sealing will survive a checked luggage experience. Every home canned or vacumm sealed jar I've ever checked has popped. The pressure is too great. You will like loose both your luggage and your goodies.

            Wait for another trip when you can hand carry it on the plane.