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Oct 18, 2006 08:16 PM

Vegetarian in Louisville, KY?

My boss, a vegetarian, will be traveling to Louisville next week for business. Any suggestions on where in town she could have a good vegetarian meal? Thanks!

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  1. Ramsi's Cafe of the World on Bardstown Rd is great for veggies. There's an all vegetarian Asian restaurant called Zen Garden she could check out. I had a great dinner at L&N Wine bar if she's looking for something more upscale. Louisville is not really a hot bed of great restaurants though, lots of chains, lots of fairly bland cuisine, but there should be vegetarian options at many places.

    1. I have to disagree with McGlory on the comment that Louisville is not a hotbed of great restaurants, Bardstown Rd has a fairly large number of restaurants that can cater to a vegeterian.. There is a ton of Middle Eastern restaurants such as the Grape Leaf, Pita Delights. There is City Cafe for sandwiches, even Palarmo Viejo, a huge carnivare's delight has veggie entrees. Sevice, which is latin has veggie stuff, La Bodega has Tapas that are veggie as does it's sister restaurant Del La Torres, which is a Spanish restaurant. There are a bunch of Italian places that have veggie options including Impezelli's, which has one of the best pizzas in town, there is also high end Italian such as Vincentso's which has veggie pastas and entrees. Not to mention several Mexican, Chinese and Japanese places and one of my personal favorites is on 3rd Street at the Iroquis shopping center, Vietnam Kitchen, which has been rated the top Vietnamese restaurant for like 10 years running, they do most things on their menu veggie. For Sushi, Sapporos have veggie sushi and entrees. Anywhere on Bardtown Rd or Frankfort Ave will have veggie options, also downtown will also.

      1. I've heard great things about Zen Garden. My favorite vegetarian dish is the Chilaquile at The Mayan Cafe.

        We love L & N, and August Moon is probably a good place for a vegetarian meal.

        Ramsi's, definetly!

        Check out

        1. Well OakTown, did she find some good places to eat? and what was her opinion about Louisville?