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Oct 18, 2006 08:12 PM

Need opinion on 3 Atlanta restaurants

I'm headed to Atlanta for my high school reunion this weekend after about 20 years away. I need opinions please as to the quality, what to order and how dressy the following 3 restaurants are:

Buckhead Barn, 576 Broadland Road
Woodfire Grill, 1782 Cheshire Bridge Road
J. Christopher's, 227 Sandy Springs Place

The control freak (and chowhound)in me is dying that I don't have any control over where I get to eat this weekend!

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  1. Buckhead Barn, 576 Broadland Road
    A riding club with no indication that they serve food, so maybe you're having a cookout. Don't have potato salad (Halter top)

    Woodfire Grill, 1782 Cheshire Bridge Road
    High Quality, the special (or what you fancy, they usually execute everything well) and the Oregon Pinot Noir (nice casual+)

    J. Christopher's, 227 Sandy Springs Place
    casual multi location brunch place. creme brulee french toast (comb your hair)

    1. I think Buckhead Barn is a horse club. That will probably be a catered event I would guess. Don't think there is a restaurant by that name, but I could be wrong.
      Woodfire Grill should meet all your chowhound needs and can be a dressy or upscale casual place. Great menu with fresh organic ingredients, with a Californian influence. They have an excellent website.
      J. Christopher's...chain, never been. Looks like good ole breakfast and brunch fair (hangover helper).

      Totally understand your anxiety over not being able to choose your restaurants. That's the worst. Woodfire should be a great experience.

      1. Woodfire Grill excellent, with lots of locally-sourced produce, dairy, and meats. Great wine list. Don't let the surrounding neighborhood (which features a number of strip clubs) put you off. Dress anywhere from jeans and a jacket to dressy casual.

        J. Christopher's nothing special, just a place for people who don't want to bother making breakfast. I wouldn't necessarily bother to comb my hair.