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Need really, really easy choclate cake recipe for teenager to make

Long story short, need very easy recipe for daughter to make after school to serve that evening for dessert. Need commonly available ingredients. Do have 2 bars of Ghiradelli bittersweet on hand. Need to be able to serve 8,TIA!

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  1. If you get a container of Hershey's cocoa the choc. cake recipe on the back is easy and delicious.

    1. My son makes this one. It's really easy and moist. For the buttermilk, we've used sour cream, yogurt and made buttermilk substitution (milk and vinegar) and it turned out fine. And, it's perfect for the season! The only problem we've had, as with some reviews, is it sometimes sticks so use a lot of butter for the pan.


      1. Thanks, will have to go to store to get can.

        1. try a depression (era) chocolate cake. i've made this recipe and it turned out extremely well (also, the omni's had no idea there was no dairy included): http://tinyurl.com/yawuad

          1. The Hellman's cake is pretty good and easy too.


            1. This is the one I make for birthdays, anniversaries, special dinners and no reason at all. It gets rave reviews and it's easy-schmeasy.
              I'll be making it tomorrow!! I don't use Hershey's cocoa (just because I can't find it here) but Fry's works well:


              1. Sauerkraut was the secret ingredient in the super moist chocolate cake my high school cafeteria made.

                1. Rgallica, that sounds really delicious. How long would you bake it in a bundt pan? Maybe 60 min?

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                    Diane, it's really a great recipe. Yes, around 60 minutes in a bundt pan, about 45 in a 9" by 12". I'd begin watching it in the bundt at around 45 minutes, it might need loose covering with buttered foil. I've made it most often in the oblong pan, and in that it can even run to 55 mins. or so. It will look very shiny and moist, but spring back when you touch it, and pull away from the sides of the pan a bit. It's a forgiving recipe. It is superb with a ganache frosting, which is simply chocolate quickly melted by heavy cream brought to the boiling point and left to cool. But it is so good plain, and vanilla ice cream or whipped cream - even putting out a can of real whipped cream on the side, if the occasion's informal enough, does the trick, and seem to go with the spirit of the cake - simple and homey. I make more complicated chocolate cakes, but having gone to Wellesley, was curious when I saw the name of this one, and now no matter how many other desserts are on offer at the same time, everyone ends up loving this one and disbelieving its simplicity. Hope it turns out & you all enjoy it. Sincerely, Donna

                  2. Sorry! WELLESLEY FUDGE CAKE (reprise!) LINK TO RECIPE ONLY (did not realise it was illegal to paste the recipe, sorry. But link below. It's on the BAKERS CHOCOLATE website - Donna

                    Baker's "WELLESLEY FUDGE CAKE" is easy and superb, so rich it doesn't really need frosting, and it keeps beautifully moist several days, if it lasts that long. Perfect "take to school" or a picnic or party cake, made in a 9x 12 pan, or as cupcakes, or bundt, etc. Have been making it for years, found it on the back of the Baker's box and it's often still on the inside of their unsweetened chocolate boxes) It might be what you're looking for - an easy (but excellent) chocolate cake for a beginner.

                    1. This is absolutely the easiest chocolate cake ever. Its flourless and doesn't need to be frosted. No beaters needed either. Your two bars of chocolate will come in handy and can just be melted with the butter in the microwave. The caramel sauce is tricky but isn't needed. Just serve with ice cream or whipped cream.