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Oct 18, 2006 07:58 PM

Alaskan King Crab

Just got back from a trip to Cabo San Lucas where I had amazing Alaskan king crab from a 5 star seafood restaurant. Now I am craving crab. Where's the best place to get get Alaskan king crab? Looking for both high end restaurants and hole in wall recs.

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  1. Believe it or not, Costco on Friday & Saturday set up a special seafood booth in the store, for to go, of course!

    1. Vons/Pavilions have king crab legs on sale once in a while for $9.97/lb. They had it last week and my friends and I pigged out on a FEAST of king crab legs and butter :)

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        Good call. We feast on them when they are on sale at Albertson's, Staters, Von's etc. Sure they are frozen but still great!!

      2. Costco $11.99/lb for 6-9 size (6-9 legs/10lb)the largest size. They sometimes have them in the refrigerated seafood section if they don't have the weekend seafood shows.

        Yeah, Fish King in Glendale has them but $19.99/lb for the same size.

        I usually eat them cold or you want them hot, just flash them in the microwave.

        1. These are all excellent suggestions if you want previously frozen crab meat. If you want exquisite King crab you should go to one of the Houses in San Gabriel - Triumphal Palace and NBC have been excellent - for a live King crab. Get it done two or three ways, and be in heaven. Expect to pay about $15 to $20 per pound for an 8-10 pound crab. It'll be presented to you at table for examination and they are are astonishing creatures.

          1. There's always Captain Jack's in Sunset Beach. A bit of a hole in the walll, but charming in it's own nautical, "beachy" way. The crab legs are large and tasty,but pretty pricey.