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Oct 18, 2006 07:54 PM

Gare St. Lazare in Chicago?

Does it still exist? Had a wonderful country pate! Would love recipe!

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  1. I, too loved the Gare. Very authentic French bistro. A match for most Paris bistros. It's where I discovered and learned to love blood sausage. Loved their country pate also. Sadly, I think it's gone.

    1. Gone only for about ten years.

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        Burned down about 12 years ago. Not coming back. But I do know one of the chefs. I'll ask her if she has the recipe.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Thank you. French the owner actually gave me the recipe - it made about 50# - and it was in my handbag when it was stolen. I would love the recipe!

          1. The Gare is now Cafe du Midi in Bucktown on Damen Avenue last I heard. Loved the original place. Lots of great memories.

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              Sadly, the Cafe du Midi has been gone for many years. It was Meritage for a long time and is now the Red Door.

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                Thank you for the follow up. Miss all those great French eateris that started up in the '70's. (Sigh)

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                    I worked there in the 70's as a barback and waiter. Francis Leroux was the chef, his mother Nell and gorgeous sister Adine were maitre'ds. We had the creme del la creme of celebrities and cool locals for clients. Francis ran the place like a well oiled machine, we had killer entrees with country pate that we spent days making and fresh bread and Gauliose cigarettes in the cig machine for the Camel price! The bar in front had expresso and tons of french spirits and nicely priced wines and a pinball machine by the front door. Frenchie was and is a great Chicago gem.