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Gare St. Lazare in Chicago?

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Does it still exist? Had a wonderful country pate! Would love recipe!

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  1. I, too loved the Gare. Very authentic French bistro. A match for most Paris bistros. It's where I discovered and learned to love blood sausage. Loved their country pate also. Sadly, I think it's gone.

    1. Gone only for about ten years.

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        Burned down about 12 years ago. Not coming back. But I do know one of the chefs. I'll ask her if she has the recipe.

      2. Thank you. French the owner actually gave me the recipe - it made about 50# - and it was in my handbag when it was stolen. I would love the recipe!

        1. The Gare is now Cafe du Midi in Bucktown on Damen Avenue last I heard. Loved the original place. Lots of great memories.

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            Sadly, the Cafe du Midi has been gone for many years. It was Meritage for a long time and is now the Red Door.

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              Thank you for the follow up. Miss all those great French eateris that started up in the '70's. (Sigh)