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Oct 18, 2006 07:52 PM

Places for a single diner in the PNW?

Many times I'm by myself (travelling with my pooch), and I like to eat well (I can take only so much pizza and burgers). I'm especially interested in Seattle, Portland and Astoria.

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  1. I find that any restaurant that has an open kitchen with seating around it is a good bet for dining alone, and I believe there are several in Portland. Also any restaurants with bars associated with them are great too. Here are a few places I've enjoyed around Portland on my own:

    Vindalho on SE 21st and Clinton (Indian fusion)
    Ken's Place on SE Hawthorne, around 18th (Home cookin' with a little extra class)
    APizza Scholls on SE Hawthorne around 47th (Really good pizza and caesar salad)
    Mother's Bistro on SW 2nd and Alder (downtown)(Home cookin' that's a little more upscale.)
    Pok Pok on SE Division around 34th (Thai food, I believe it focuses on the Chiang Mai region [I'm butchering the spelling I'm sure].
    Higgins Bar on SW Broadway and Jefferson (downtown)(Pacific NW cuisine)
    Brazil Grill (if you sat at the bar) on SW 12th and Jefferson (South American charcuterie)
    I'm sure there are a million other places people can think of for Portland. It's a very diner-friendly town and I know a lot of people who dine alone and have felt comfortable everywhere, except maybe places like Genoa or El Gaucho.

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    1. re: Victoria

      A few others with open kitchen seating:
      Fife on NE Fremont
      Navarre on NE 28th
      Noble Rot on SE Ankeny

      Do you want someplace that you can dine with your dog? I know that I've seen people on the outside sidewalk tables at Southpark with dogs. I'm trying to remember others...

      1. re: Nettie

        Also on NE 28th (a block or two up from Navarre), and also with seating at the kitchen is Tabla. You can also eat at the bar there.

        You can take your pooch with you to Pambiche and sit outside (under an overhang and with a brazier to keep you warm). Go early (before 5:30/6pm) or there's usually a wait).

    2. In Seattle:

      The counter at Matt's in the Market is hands-down the best (not priciest or fanciest, just best) solo dining spot in the city. I also recommend the bars at Palace Kitchen and Union, and the counter at La Carta de Oaxaca (watch the tortilla lady!)

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        I agree with Union (Seattle), although i would suggest Chez Shea (next door to Matts) instead of Matts, unless you like uncomfortable hard small stools packed closely together at the bar (come back in about 6 months, they are remodelling). Brooklyn has nice high-backed swiveling "captain's chairs" at the bar facing the grill which give you a bit of privacy, Troiani has a bar-length padded leather cushion to rest your elbows on at their bar, Tulio has a couple "chef's table" bar seats if you like to watch the kitchen action.

      2. Cafe Filberts on 24th & Vaughn, NW/Nob Hill area. I eat by myself alot too and I've really been treated extremely well every time I've eaten here. Great food, great service, good wine list, what more could you ask for?

        1. If you make it over to the Eastside, Crossroads in Bellevue has a number of good, mostly non-chain counter service options representing a wide variety of cuisines. More info here:

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