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Oct 18, 2006 07:50 PM

Too much paper

Could you please adjust the printing so that when one prints a recipe one does not have to use 2 additional pieces of paper for all the misc. info? Thank you!

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  1. For me, the print is way too small. I wonder if there's an adjustment I can make on my printer. thanks.

    1. I couldn't agree more. This is the first time I tried to print out a recipe, and I ended up with two pages wasted. Worse, I printed a second recipe and again got the extra pages. This is definitely a downer. To have to copy the recipe to Wrod and then print is not something I should have to do to save paper.

      1. I wonder if Chow is listening to us, or if we can forward these thoughts to them?

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        1. re: cabond

          Hi Cabond. We're listening and agree that, if possible, printouts should remain on one page. Keep an eye out for an updated print function soon. - Sasha from CHOW

          1. re: Sasha

            Thanks Sasha - how gratifying to know that Chow is listening and adjusting. This is a great site - as was the mag - Intermezzo pales . . . Read the new Saveur last night, which I think is better and better, and may have bypassed Gourmet on my list of periodicals. To my way of thinking Chow is similar, as it has great variety, and is not just more of the same ol' thing. Thank you so much!