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Oct 18, 2006 07:28 PM

Are there any Middle-Eastern restaurants in Westchester?

I was just wondering...

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  1. Turquoise
    1895 Palmer Avenue

    is a very good Turkish restaurant. Although North African, not proper Middle Eastern:

    1127 West Boston Post Road
    914 835-8350

    is also very good - it's Morrocan. Belly dancing on Thurs., Fri. and Saturday nights too. Delicately spiced, succulent dishes. Top entree is $25.

    1. Not in Westchester, but Myrna's in Stamford is good, casual Lebanese.

      1. Turkish Meze, 409 Mount Pleasant Ave, Mamaroneck, Tel. (914) 777-3042 (right after the fork in the road after you pass under the MetroNorth overpass). I've made many a meal of just their appetizers.

        1. There's one in Yonkers that I unintentionally passed by when the Saw Mill was flooded and I had to take local roads. I don't recall the name, and if I had to guess the road I believe I was on Yonkers Avenue. At that point I was concentrating on getting back on the Saw Mill/Henry Hudson below the flood zone, so I wasn't paying close enough attention to the area.

          1. There's also Ya Hala in Yonkers. Excellent babe ganouj and other middle eastern fare.