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Oct 18, 2006 07:21 PM

greek and cincinnati

does anyone know of any good greek restaurants in the cinci area?

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  1. No, but if you're willing to settle for Lebanese, I'd recommend Andy's Mediterranean Grill on Nassau.

    Corinthian on Ludlow has mostly mediocre food in my opinion, although the times I've had their souvlaki it wasn't bad. Got a bunch of flea bites there once, though, which has discouraged me from going back :-)

    1. I haven't been able to find a straight-up Greek restaurant in Cincinnati, at least one whose specialty is not gyros (and there are some good ones, like Sebastian's or Chicago Gyro). We do have Mediterranean. Along with Andy's, you can try Mejana downtown or Cafe Istanbul in Newport for Turkish. I also hear very good things about Mythos in Newport, but mostly about the gyros; I don't know about the rest of the menu.

      1. I think Sebastian's gyros are far and away the best in Cincinnati, but Skally's on Galbraith in North College Hill does a pretty good job, too. Call before making a trip; their hours can be kind of weird.

        I only tried Cafe Istanbul once. If I'm not mistaken it's part of a chain, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but might be relevant to some people. I don't remember what I ordered, but I found the food kind of flavorless. The ambience and service were nice, though.

        1. I grew up in Chicago, so when you say "Greek restaurant", there are three kinds that pop into my head.

          First is the fast-foodish gyros place. Are there any here in Cincinnati? Only ones that I know of that I'd be willing to try are Chicago Gyros and this Sebastian's place. I haven't been to either, but from what I have read, at least they have the vertical gyros rotisserie (sp?). Now if they put lettuce in their gyros or if they use something other than yogurt for the tzatziki, then they are not worth it.

          Second type of "Greek restaurant" is the type you may see in Greektown in Chicago. These are somewhat more "authentic" and fancier sit-down places. I don't know of any such places in this city.

          Third type is the Greek family restaurant. There are tons all around Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Cleveland. These are sit-down places, but they're not so fancy and they serve all sorts of stuff and not just Greek dishes. They are usually open all night...kind of like IHOP or Waffle House but a billion times better. Again, I don't know of any place like that around here.

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            Yes, Sebastian's meets all your criteria. Try it. I don't know of any of the second type Greek restaurants, either, although there are some of the third type around. The only one that comes to mind right now is Stephen's in Cheviot. Decent chow if you're in the neighborhood anyway, probably not worth a drive. I doubt if it's open all night, though.

          2. Sebastian's is the best Greek in Cincinnati, bar none. Take it from me -- I've tried nearly every Greek place around and still make the drive (about 35 minutes) to Sebastian's once in a while, just for their food.

            Try it out and let me know what you find!