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anybody been to Sammys Roumanian lately-still any good?

thx for the feedbak....

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  1. It's terrible, and insanely expensive.

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    1. re: Wilfrid

      "insanely expensive" is nearly an understatement. How does $300 a head sound? That's what the tab came to last time I was there. There was a lot of Vodka consumed but, c'mon!

      1. re: KTinNYC

        Yep. Last time I was there, Lespinasse was still open, and I calculated that - if you included sides - Sammy's most expensive entree prices overlapped Lespinasse's cheapest. And for those with short memories, Lespinasse was Gray Kunz's four star palace at the St Regis.

        The comedian, I presume, writes the menu.

      2. re: Wilfrid

        What? The comedian wasn't enough for you?

        1. re: chow_gal

          You took the words right out of my mouth, chow gal!

          1. You will not read a lot of good chowhoundish things about Sammy's on this board. Bad food (except chopped liver) and overpriced.

            1. I love Sammy's! Just not for the food...

              1. The place is vile and disgusting , seriously.

                I would never darken the doorway here again.

                1. WOW ...thx for the critiques guess i'll find an alternative.....

                  1. It's all about the vodka bottles wrapped in ice and the lounge singer doing his Louis Armstrong impression in the corner.

                    1. the last time I gave my honest opinion about sammy's greasy, gristly, tough tough steaks, it was removed from board because someone was offended. funny, usually lots of vodka puts me in such an agreeable mood - Liz