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Oct 18, 2006 06:28 PM

Ordering in in East Village

I am determined to watch the Mets win tonite, and to have a good meal at the same time. I ALWAYS order from Grand Sichuan on St. Mark's---but my fellow Mets fan who's coming down to cheer 'em on, does not eat Chinese. Go figure. I'm thinking Lil Frankies, but the pies are always so much better when you eat 'em on site, it hardly seems worth it. Any other suggestions?

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  1. paquitos on 1st between st marks and 9th has delish burritos. 7A has really solid burgers, etc. and i've had really good vinny vincenz pizza delivered before.

    1. Not really east village, but Schillers will deliver to most of the EV and they do a surprisingly good job with it. If not, my stand bys are Lil Frankie's, San Loco (mexican - kinda gross but i like it), or China 1.

      1. Pasta from Three of Cups (they have pizza, too, of course)

        burritos from Benny's

        Sandwiches/salads from Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop

        1. i'd go for a selection of arepas, plantain balls, and guacamole from caracas arepa bar. with all due respect to jonasblank, i'd stay far away from three of cups (mediocore to poor food and filthy premises) and benny's (tasteless, dumbed-down cal-mex).
          if you want to pick something up before the game, i'd recommend getting a rotisserie chicken and some pernil from casa adela on avenue c for a meaty feast.