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What's good near USC? I'd love tacos or tortas ...

My interns tell me it's a wasteland for good food, but I have to believe that's not true. Thanks!

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  1. Something nearby:

    La Taquiza
    3026 S Figueroa St
    Los Angeles, CA 90007
    (888) 218-0966

    Just north of the school campus. Good spot. Good Food. Fresh salsa and condiments.

    1. Try La Taquiza, I think it's pretty good, many folks like the mulitas. I also like Chicken Itza for SE Mexican and Taqueria Vista Hermosa for tacos and tortas, both in the Mercado la Paloma.

      Chicken Itza and Taqueria Vista Hermosa
      3655 South Grand Avenue
      Los Angeles, CA 90007

      La Taquiza
      3009 South Figueroa St.
      Los Angeles, CA 90007

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        The al pastor at Vista Hermosa is great..made with off the spit meat, fresh hand made tortillas, great tomatillo salsa.

      2. Go to El Antojito's for the sopes.

        El Antojito's
        824 South Broadway, Unit 'B'

        1. Sounds like a good lsit above. The only places I've tried nearby is King Taco and El Taurino.

          King Taco has a great green salsa you can try on their sopes and tacos al carbon.

          1. If you feel like going into the barrio, and you might as well since you're surrounded by it, there's a Gallo Giro at Jefferson & San Pedro. (About 2 minutes east from the Figueroa intersection).

            It's inside the Mexican supermarket on the left corner (Mercado Numero Uno, I think it's called) so there's plenty of parking in their lot.

            Very good tortas & tacos since they make their own bread and have their own tortilleria.

            El Gallo Giro
            701 E Jefferson Blvd
            Los Angeles, CA 90011
            (323) 233-3623


            1. You want the best tortas? Just go a little more east to Valley Blvd (near Soto): King Torta (not to be confused with King Taco). Now my best kept secret is out!

              1. How about tacos el parian? It is a hole in the wall, but is supposed to have some of the best tacos around. It is on pico between union and the convention center. http://tacohunt.blogspot.com/2005/09/...

                Also, when I was at Loyola Law School not too far away, we used to get a pretty decent mexican lunch at Fernando's Taco Inn, which is attached to the car wash on Olympic & Figueroa. A bit odd that a car wash would have a mexican food counter, but the food is great and I supoose you could kill 2 birds with one stone.

                of course there is Chichen Itza [mentioned above] and you can always brave the lines of student slined up around chano's right off fig a few streets south of adams.

                1. El Taurino is straight up Hoover almost to Olympic, it's on the east side of Hoover and if you get to Olympic you've gone a block too far. I'm a taco / burrito guy, I don't do tortas but a LOT of people are eating them in here.

                  Great carne asada tacos and burritos, al pastor isn't bad but everyone here gets beef, the red sauce is HOT and it's the default so if you want the cooler green salsa you have to make that clear when you order . . . the truck outside is just as good as going inside, it's usually there on Thrs, Fri, Sat, and Sun nights . . . I don't know where it goes on Mon, Tues or Wed.

                  1. El Taurino is qutie good. Koreatown is close enough for lunch -easier for dinner.

                    Just east of USC is mercado la paloma. Less than a mile from campus - try chichen itza for yucatean food, the taqueria, etc.


                    also try harold and belle's on jefferson near crenshaw.
                    2920 W. Jefferson Blvd

                    And best of all, explore. Go to
                    type in zip code 90007 and click check surrounding zip codes. That should give you a decent list from which to explore.
                    LAnger's at Alvarado and 7th isn't a far drive. But just looking at the list are two honduran places that might be interesting... I haven't been so I can't swear to them at all
                    RINCON HONDURENO
                    1654 W ADAMS BLVD
                    LOS ANGELES

                    ANTOJITOS HONDURENOS
                    2701 1/4 S VERMONT AVE
                    LOS ANGELES

                    pupuserias abound. a little adventure - and by the way, both the honduran places have an A rating from the health board.

                    The cuban place el colmao is ok. Not worth a trip across town. I haven't been in ages but I used to like it. on Pico.
                    2328 W Pico Blvd , Los Angeles, CA

                    BBQ at Phillip's BBQ on leimert park is within a five-ten minute drive. Call to see if it's take-out only still. I've heard they've got tables now but I don't know. In any case, it's great food. PHILLIP'S BBQ
                    4307 LEIMERT BLVD

                    In general, though, downtown and koreatown are relatively close with a car. places like angelique cafe downtown or sa rit gol in koreatown are good places to start.

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                      Phillips at Crenshaw and Adams has a few outdoor tables but is primarily takeout . . . there are about four basic patio tables, plastic chairs, some with umbrellas some without . . . I think it's a dud to sit outside there and there is no indoor seating.

                      Nonetheless, I love the food but be preapred for big heavy BBQ with lots of sauce, lots of mess, etc

                    2. G's Taco Spot-it's a food truck. They park at McClintock & Jefferson, in front of the Bank of America. Best tacos ever.

                      Amazing al pastor, shrimp, and shrimp 'n meat tacos. Delicious! They come to the USC area like 3x a week.

                      You can see where they are here: https://www.facebook.com/GsTacoSpotOn...