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where can i buy an aluminum takeout tray with lid (taking food to work) -pic enclosed-

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  1. Try Tap Phong on Spadina.

    1. If you're looking in Toronto, definitely Tap Phong (Spadina, south of Baldwin).

      1. Have you tried a dollar store??

        Is there a reason a regular aluminum tray with aluminum foil on top wouldn't work??


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        1. re: Davwud

          i'm taking a liquid-ey dessert to work

          and am afraid of what might happen to my cars interior if it's not super sealed

          1. re: ssainani

            these lids will not super seal the contents...it's still possible for the liquid to leak out.
            If you're afraid of leakage, is there a reason why you are not considering a Tupperware-like container?

            1. re: minto

              If it's liquidy, I'd head to the dollar store and get a sealable plastic container. If you don't get it back, you're only out a buck or two.


        2. I bought a pack of these, small sized (good for one lunch portion) at Loblaws's about 6 months ago - haven't checked recently if they still have them.

          1. dollarama on sherbourne at queen had them a couple of weeks ago.

            1. Zellars!
              i saw a plactic version of this i think 2 or 3 in a package for around $6? i'm not sure.
              i went to the Zellars in Gerrard square. i don't knwo if they still have it.

              1. You can find these at party supply stores - I know I've seen them for sure at Party Packagers (chain store).

                1. Any take away food shop should be willing to sell you one.

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                    Especially at Indian restaurants that cater because everytime we have huge orders from them, the food always arrives in those containers. And most of them are liquidy, the curries and kormas, and they never leak.

                  2. Try party packagers they have all were party need there
                    they have places all over the city


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                    1. re: storeman

                      Storeman -- thank you very much

                      the lid and container were both easily available at Party Packagers which is just a few minutes from my work --

                      total cost = $1.00

                      thanks again

                    2. I got a good sized package of them (like your photo) at Smart & Final...