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Oct 18, 2006 06:18 PM

Early Breakfast for Six - Sunday Morning

This should be easy to figure out, but I'm pretty well stumped. Where can six people have a business breakfast near Union Square early Sunday morning before making an 8:30 meeting? My current guess is to catch breakfast in the St. Francis @ 7:00 a.m.

Any other brainstorms?

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  1. That early in the morning, hotels are probably the best bet. I don't know how early it opens, but the Garden Terrace at Marriott (4th and Mission) has a nice brunch.

    1. I know I'm going to catch a bit of downer for mentioning it but I'd say Sears Fine Foods, a block north of the St. Frank.

      1. Not many places are open that early. Hotel restaurants like The Garden Court at the Sheraton or the Grill restaurant at the Meridien (used to be Park Hyatt). Sears is also a good bet.

        1. Be sure to check opening hours for the hotel breakfast on Sundays...Campton Place doesn't serve until 8am on the weekends, for example.

          1. Dottie's opens at 7:30. I've never been in there given the long lines so I'm not sure if they can accomodate 6 ppl at a table but you'd avoid the line at that hour!