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Oct 18, 2006 06:16 PM

Restaurant Suggestions...5th Avenue between Atlantic & Sackett

What's not to be missed on this little strip? I think Convivium and Al Di La may fall in there, so any other suggestions would be great since I've already checked out both. Thanks.

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  1. Convivium is, but Al di La is a few blocks further south. Some people like Red Café and Melt (both new American), but we were disappointed at both. Miriam (Israeli) is pretty good in my opinion, but has had mixed reviews here lately. Taro Sushi between 5th & Flatbush on Dean gets high praise on this board (I'm not a sushi aficionado, so I can't give a first hand report). Franny's pizza is close by on Flatbush. And the new Sheep Station a somewhat Australian themed pub is on 4th Ave. and Douglass. It has good, inexpensive pub food.

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      I think the Chocolate Shop is within those streets too.