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The Hungry Detective, what did you think?

Did anyone watch the Hungry Detective on the Food Network last night? Hubby and I found it interesting, especially since it took place in Las Vegas and completely ignored the strip. It was refreshing to see someone go off the beaten path and go eat at a strip mall. Hubby and I liked the show, although he uses the word "authentic" way too much as well as a lot of cop cliches.

Otherwise, we found it interesting and might try out a few of the places he suggested.

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  1. Brutal. Just brutal. Tuned in while flipping away frowm the frustrating Mets.

    Do people really prefer to watch other unattractive people eat, rather than cook? Going downtown instead of staying on the strip is not what I would call particularly adventurous. I've found excellent Mexican and Vietnamese in parts of Vegas that he didn't come close to. His detective work is below average chowhound, IMHO.

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      Your post is brutal..but to each his own. We liked the show...but we are an incredibly fat and unattractive couple so.....

      Melly http://www.sacramentofoodgroup.org

    2. Shoot. I forgot it was on. However, knowing the Food Network, it'll probably be repeated at some time...yup, looks like the Vegas episode was repeated at 1:30am today, but will be on again in late November.

      1. the host is WAY too over the top. he just seems so rehearsed, and i prefer watching people that feel at home on the camara. when you have to try that hard, it just isn't enjoyable. and i tried to like it. i really did. it just seems like another Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels, another show I avoid like the plague.

        1. The American vocabulary seems to have shrunk down to a single word: "Awesome!"

          1. If one is in Vegas tracking down new exciting and out of the way places, perhaps we can do better than finding ourselves on Fremont Street. It’s not exactly unknown and really not that hard to find. I hope in future episodes we are taken places that are in fact off the beaten path. Then again how many of these kind of food ‘discovery’ shows do we need on FN?

            However credit should go to FN for actually giving us a new on air personality instead of yet again recycling one of their current ‘talents’ that they insist on sticking in front of the camera.

            And the Twinkies not so good(or different)...

            1. I saw most of the Vegas show and I liked it for the most part. Sure he said "Awesome" a few too many times but if he is really a cop and not an actor, he did a heck of a better job than I would do my first time in front of a camera for 30 minutes. The one part of the show that I might change is to have fewer food orgasm shots and more time with each of the chefs/cooks. But congrats on the show overall.

              1. First, I thought Chris was very good as a judge on Iron Chef, and a good counterpoint to Jeffrey "Peck's Bad" Steingarten...wild boar indeed...

                Second, I enjoyed the Hungry Detective. It was entertaining and I learned more about some off the beaten path places in Vegas. Looking forward to the New York and Philly episodes.

                1. The show was great Chris, I have been following all your prep on eGullet since the beginning, I'm sorry other posters missed out on their chance to contribute to this project. This is truly a grass roots TV show!

                  1. Certainly this show had it's ups and downs. And what show doesn't the first time out of the box? It takes a bit of time to find one's voice.

                    While it's true that he went downtown to Fremont Street, it seems silly to criticize the whole show on that basis alone since downtown wasn't the whole show. He also visited three other non-downtown, off-Strip places: the Chinese place, the Italian place, and Ellis Island.

                    1. Please feel free to continue to offer your opinions on the show. We have explained why the posts were removed from this thread on the Site Talk board, at http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

                      1. I enjoyed what I caught of Chris's first show. I think it has potential and I'll continue to tune in. I personally find it refreshing that Chris looks like an average guy who is passionate about food. He did a good job critiquing dishes on Iron Chef, so I hope he will be more honest than Rachael Ray on her dining travel shows.

                        I'm glad that the network gave his new show a good time slot. Poor Nigella is relegated to Sun. at 1pm! What's up w/ that?!

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                          As far as Nigella's show goes, the answer is 'she is just cooking'. FN evening shows are about entertaining!

                        2. put the show on a Tivo season pass...i liked the show. over the last 10 years, I've gone to vegas over 100 times and it was an interesting show to see some of the off the beat stuff actually being covered...he's like me in how he just randomly goes to random places...i do that all the time....whatever I bump into, what's convienient or where I happen to be...sometimes ya have to.....sure he could have gone to many of the recos from the VEGAS board for off the beat stuff...but where's the fun in that?

                          1. Considering this was the very first episode, I think the show on Vegas was fine. I was not impressed with the hot dog and fried twinkie segment (fried twinkies/snickers, etc. are a fad that is best forgotten).

                            The brewry place looked interesting, some cheap eats and ice cold suds, but you can't call what they passed of as BBQ as real 'Q. (Par boiled ribs, finished over coals, come on real 'Q is low and slow, and over hard woods or wood chips that infuse the smokiness. Looks to me like the same crap you can get at Tony Roma's or Chilis) So that was a bit disappointing, in that I don't think Chris should have touted it as real 'Q (and I am sure he knows the difference).

                            The Italian restaurant in a the strip mall (was it Norma's) looked like a REAL find. This is where Chris' powers of detection kicked in, he found two insider "informants" to lead him to the booty.

                            I like the fact that Chris is a real person (of course that is how Rachel Ray started out, and we know what a nightmare that became), if he can keep projecting his own personality and food sensibilities, and not be trapped in to pandering to some FoodTV idea of the desired audience demographic, he could have an interesting show. I am very interested in seeing the other places he sniffs out in future episodes.

                            Also, you gotta like a "regular" guy with a mug like his, don't botch the persona up, Chris. I wouldn't mind tossing a few brewskies back with this guy, and then going out foraging.

                            I think the timeslot FoodTV puts this in sucks. First run in my locale is 10:30 P.M. Tuesdays, sorry, but that is always going to lose out to "Boston Legal".


                            1. saw the philly episode yesterday....interesting, but seems to hype up the expedition/detective work too much, but I guess thats the theme of the show....I liked the cheesesteak place, the surf and turf spot (he didn't seem to really enjoy the sandwhich) and the gelato (i liked that girl who made the gelato, she had a good oncamera personality)...the italian place mezzaluna was less interesting.....he was struggling when describing the Gnocci......

                              1. My sis lives near Philly and her husband grew up in S. Philly. His relatives still own one of the open markets there. Redding Market IS where lots of locals go. I was hoping he'd hit one of those neighborhood S. Philly Italian places (like Franco and Luigi's perhaps).

                                My sis and BIL say Tony Lukes (sp) has the best cheese steak. They think Pat's and Geno's have gone downhill over the years.

                                Melly http://www.sacramentofoodgroup.org

                                1. Saw it for the first time last night. I liked it. The places he went in Atlanta are the kinds of places I tend to go to. Enjoyed Chris's relatively low-key demeanor which was a nice change from Rachael and the Dean brothers who have similar shows.

                                  1. Stylistic elements aside, some of the food is obviously great, but some appears to be mediocre or worse, e.g. Myron and Phil's. I checked the Chicago board, which seems to confirm that:


                                    Or that Johnny's Hots split hot-dog with overcooked fish cake ... yecch.

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                                      W regards to Myron and Phil...the steak was great...we had to use the footage of the second steak as the first was deemed to "rare"...it was a great NY cut...tender and tasty...as far as the fishcake in Philly....its a personal choice...you will either love it or hate it....

                                    2. I don't know what happened to my post but I hope Chris sees this one. Love the show. Told my readers about it. My husband's from the LA area and knew the fish place in the LA show we watched on TIVO tonight. I thought it was interesting that you found a third cheesesteak place in Philly. Hope you're having fun.

                                      Jacqueline C

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                                        The San Pedro Fish Market is a true jewel in L.A.. as is the Gardena Bowling Alley....glad you liked it....damn, now I want a cheesesteak!

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                                          The Fish Market looked fabulous! I want those tacos too. Good job.

                                          Melly http://www.sacramentofoodgroup.org