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Oct 18, 2006 06:00 PM

The Hungry Detective, what did you think?

Did anyone watch the Hungry Detective on the Food Network last night? Hubby and I found it interesting, especially since it took place in Las Vegas and completely ignored the strip. It was refreshing to see someone go off the beaten path and go eat at a strip mall. Hubby and I liked the show, although he uses the word "authentic" way too much as well as a lot of cop cliches.

Otherwise, we found it interesting and might try out a few of the places he suggested.

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  1. Brutal. Just brutal. Tuned in while flipping away frowm the frustrating Mets.

    Do people really prefer to watch other unattractive people eat, rather than cook? Going downtown instead of staying on the strip is not what I would call particularly adventurous. I've found excellent Mexican and Vietnamese in parts of Vegas that he didn't come close to. His detective work is below average chowhound, IMHO.

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      Your post is brutal..but to each his own. We liked the show...but we are an incredibly fat and unattractive couple so.....


    2. Shoot. I forgot it was on. However, knowing the Food Network, it'll probably be repeated at some time...yup, looks like the Vegas episode was repeated at 1:30am today, but will be on again in late November.

      1. the host is WAY too over the top. he just seems so rehearsed, and i prefer watching people that feel at home on the camara. when you have to try that hard, it just isn't enjoyable. and i tried to like it. i really did. it just seems like another Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels, another show I avoid like the plague.

        1. The American vocabulary seems to have shrunk down to a single word: "Awesome!"

          1. The original comment has been removed