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Oct 18, 2006 05:47 PM

Lucy's Tacos, Uptown Kingston

Wandering through uptown Kingston, stumbled across Lucy's Tacos, 38 John St., 845-338-2816. Since I'm always on the prowl for decent cheap food, I gave it a try.

Ordered a Chorizo Burrito, made with a flour tortilla, rice, cheese and refried beans. Out came the smallest burrito I have ever eaten. About half the size in mass of the Chipotle and Qdoba (chain) burritos, and half the size of the local groceria places that sell burritos. Good taste, but I left hungry. $5.50 plus a buck for a soda.

Ah well, the search continues...

So far, the best (and most authentic) deal near to Kingston is the Mexican groceria in Red Hook (upstate, not NYC).

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  1. have you checked out main st in poughkeepsie?

    there's a bunch of pseudo-tiendas, one west of the civic center, but the rest around hamilton/clinton area.

    a fair number of oaxacans (and maybe poblanos) made their way to POK, so the spanish influence regularly grows in this area. the bright side; it's kicked some of the drug dealing out of the area and opened some more culinary treats....

    1. Hi, Bob,

      Yep, have checked it out, but live closer to Kingston than POK, and am hoping to find something a bit more convenient.

      I do like and do frequent Mole Mole (the one by the Metro North station in POK) when I'm in the area. I also found out that Mi Pequeno Oaxaca, a small groceria in Rhinebeck, across from the fairgrounds, has home made tamales on Sunday mornings. Haven't had a chance to try them, because of travel, but am working on that, too.

      1. I just got back from Lucy's where three of us at work had orders. I probably go there about once every week or so as I work in Uptown Kingston.

        I find their burritos are consistently a good size, the ingredients are fresh, and tasty. They just expanded their menu as well.

        For good regular dinner Mexican Food in Kingston I recommend the Acapulco Grill Downtown on Broadway. (I'll write more about it on a entry for that restaurant though).

        1. I eat at Lucy's at least twice a week, sometimes more. (as I work around the corner)and have never had a dissapointing meal, the food is always fresh and delicious, and I find the portions to be fine also.
          if you are looking for a more upscale Mexican meal try the Armadillo on abeel st. in Kingston it's excellent.
          but I have to say for the price you cant get better than Lucy's