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Oct 18, 2006 05:43 PM

SEA - breakfast potatoes

though raised in the south and a lover of grits, i maintain that an excellent breakfast is defined by its potatoes. hashed browns are for weenies and, in any case, are generally served frozen from a box. i greatly favor those home-fries served at the sunrise cafe (64th/roosevelt)(on weekends only) and at the sunflour bakery (31 ave/65 st ne)(every day) and would be most happy if fellow chowhounds would inform me of their favorite places for morning spuds. when the olympic hotel was still a four seasons property, i casually mentioned the waiter my belief that good potatoes equals good breakfast and he proceeded to bring me a plate of wonderful grilled potatoes redolent with garlic and chives which he said was offered only in the employee dining room since the chef thought them too bold for the general public - hard to believe but worthy of a healthy tip.

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  1. The restaurant is nothing much, but Tommy's in Renton has terrific home made home fries made with onion and pepper.

    1. the red potatoes at the Portage Bay Cafe in the U-District are out of this world. This from a fellow potato lover.

      Also, when in the mood, I really dig the spicy hash browns at the Coastal Kitchen on Cap Hill.

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        Re: Portage Bay Cafe.

        Yes yes yes.

      2. The best breakfast potatoes I ever had were at -- believe it or not -- Ileen's, on Broadway, not long after she changed the name from Ernie Steele's. Absolute perfection, out of the blue, in a frankly pretty horrible greasy spoon. Closed now, and it wouldn't matter, because I went back a month afterwards and got the expected grey-inside shreds.

        It's all about the texture: the way the crisp outside fades into the soft center. There's a very fine line there; it's one of those things I can't get perfect even at home.

        1. whatever happened to the Jitterbug in Wallingford?

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            AFAIK it's still there. New owners though, no longer part of the Chow Foods group.......

            Re: "breakfast potatoes" I say blechh. Give me good ol' real hash browns any time!

            1. re: Lauren

              Jitterbug is still there, kinda, but they recently changed the name to Ebb 'n Flow.

              1. re: dandelion

                They had some really good breakfast potatoes, did they keep those?

          2. I haven't been back since the changeover.... but it's always fairly empty when I peek in (usually on the way to a movie in the evenings), which feels like a bad sign.