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Oct 18, 2006 05:38 PM

Looking for new Lonesome Dove reviews

wondering if i should keep my reservation...

it all sounds good, but the latest reviews don't look so hot. any first-hand experience?

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    Doesn't look too great. But I want to try it. Hell, I want to try the Ted Turner place too, even though I bet it stinks. Anybody remember the old Cattleman restaurant WAY back in the 20th Century?

    1. I went on Monday night with a friend. Place was mostly filled by 8 o'clock. Saw Ed Levine there as well. I had the blue corn nachos with kangaroo and boursin cheese. First time trying kangaroo. It was tasty, had a nice texture to it, but you only get 5 nachos. Entree sizes make up for apps. My friend had the hush puppies. He liked them, despite what the Post said.

      For entrees, I had the monkfish with spicy posole and lobster "bacon" (small bits of lobster fried in bacon fat or something like that.) The posole was very good, not too spicy and the fish was cooked well. The lobster bacon was nothing special. My friend had the beef tenderloin, which he enjoyed.

      IMO, desserts are a weak point. We had the flan and chocolate cake, which is supposed to have some heat to it. It does have a bit, which sort of comes on at the end. Texture of the cake was just okay. Would give the edge to the flan.

      Agree with the post on the CA wines. Had a glass of the Napa St. Supery ($15, I think, but a generous pour), which I enjoyed.

      There was also a photographer milling about. I believe the NY Post shot might have been taken that night. All in all, would recommend the place. Would give it a low 2 stars if I was rating it on the NYT scale.

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        So you would rate this Texas interloper on par with Little Owl, The Orchard, Telepan, and Hearth, just to name a few? For real?

      2. Honestly, from your list, I've only been to Hearth, once, a while ago. My friend who was with me went to Little Owl last week and said he liked Lonesome Dove better, and he eats out much more than I do. About the star system, Bruni also gives two stars to Le Cirque, so who knows? The rating system is a little screwy. I tried to downplay my two stars a bit by saying a "low" two. I guess what it comes down to is that I wouldn't have a problem recommending the place to a friend if they were interested, or at least I wouldn't shy them away from it.

        1. I ate at the Fort Worth location and really liked it.

          For whatever that's worth.

          1. Ate there last Saturday night and really enjoyed it. The Texas schtick is a little thick, but the food was excellent. I can also highly recommend the house jalapeno margarita. My wife and I started with the kangaroo nachos. They were quite tasty, but as a previous poster mentioned, there were only 5. Since it was our first visit, we opted for the "Tomahawk Chop", which is a large rib steak served on the entire rib bone, a broiled lobster tail, 4 diver scallops, grilled asparagus and a yukon gold mash. Plenty of food and all of it was excellent. My one issue was the food was brought out on a warmed platter, but cold plates were given to us to eat off of and I mean ice cold. With the exception of the steak, nothing stayed warm for very long. I mentioned this to both our waitress and the sous chef who seemed to take my suggestion seriously. We'll see on the next visit. I'd like to go back and try some of the other dishes.