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Oct 18, 2006 05:27 PM

Park Slope: 9th and 4th Ave. Favorite Spots

Favorite spots close by?

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  1. Soup and tamales (very informal, mostly to go) at the Flores stand on the west side of 4th Ave at 10/11th St
    total gem, right by the subway

    1. Anyone have the 411 on that hero shop near the north west corner? I drove by last Saturday and three people were chowing down on heros right in front of the place. Couldn't tell if they (the heroes)looked good or not.

      1. Catene's is pretty good. Not great enough to be in the DiFara's or A&H class, but OK. The staff are very friendly, in an old-school NYC Italian sort of way, and the lady who rings everything up, and who barely speaks any English, is a gem. One of the better things they serve, which is trumpeted on the front of the store, is the fried calamari hero.