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Need Italian restaurant for 8 people, round table, Midtown preferably

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8 people, for someone to go with their parents and siblings and boyfriend
midtown preferably
round table

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  1. Either of Lidia bastianich's Felidia or Becco

      1. DeGrezia
        231 E. 50th

        Northern Italian, very attentive service, beautiful room

          1. For a big group, definatelly Carmines. The food is abundant perfect for sharing.

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              Carmines is only recommendable if your goal is to not spend too much money while getting drunk and listening to every other table yell and sing Happy Birthday.

            2. L'Impero has large round tables, although I am not sure if they seat 6 or 8. But it's a delightful place.

              1. Actually, L'Impero I think won a Time Out Award as the best place to take your parents. So, perfect for the occasion.

                1. Not as good as say L'Impero, but a quiet, family meal at a round table serving Italian food in Midtown can be had at Acqua Pazza. It's not trendy and it's not famous but it serves some pretty good food. I had the osso buco and thought it was really good. Consider it an alternative.