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Stone Crab

i'm looking for Stone Crab ala Joe's Stone Crab, anywhere north of the 10 and west of La Brea. Any thoughts?

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  1. Man...I'm with you on this one. My mouth is salavating just from reading Joe's Stone Crab. It's been a while for me.

    I've actually found stone crabs at Ralph's. They're not terrific, but if they're fresh they're doable. You can then find the mustard recipe on Joe's site.

    And I'm guessing Ranch 99 or maybe Santa Monica Seafood has them every so often. Call to find out.

    Besides those options, you could make a 4 hour treck to Vegas and go to the Joe's location at Caesers. It's not the same as the Miami Beach location, but it's Joe's so you can't go wrong. Or have them overnight you a box. Worth it!

    1. The Buggy Whip near LAX gets their stone crabs straight from Joe's.


        They ship directly to you from FL. 22.95 lb , 3lbs min, Jumbo Claw.
        Season started last Sunday. My shipment is arriving in One hour, Fed Ex.

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          It's tough to tell when this post was made, but I've already sent my order. Sadly, You Know Who would kill me if I had them delivered to the office and didn't share. Looks like it'll be home-style for us.

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            My 5 lbs were gone with in 20 mins of receipt yesterday.

        2. Mastro's in BH had them last year.

          I believe Joe's fed ex's also. I think even the key lime pie!

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            2nd that...I meant to post that but had to run to a meeting. They fly them in daily, and I think you're right about the key lime pie!

            FYI, if you're a cook, the key lime pie recipe from Joe's is really easy to make at home. I've created a version that uses less sugar and an already made crust and you can whip it up in about 20 minutes...it's delicious!

          2. Kate Mantilini also has them at times. Call first before you go.

            9101 Wilshire Blvd. (at Doheny)
            Beverly Hills
            (310) 278-3699

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                I ordered and recieved my shipment from the Boat not Joe's, jumbo size (23-lb), very fresh, Ozona Crab Co. Feel free to get the smaller stuff from Joe's , not the same, you'll see?

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                  I think I will be ordering, either from Ozona or Joe's, but I am confused. Joe's seems far more costly, but I have not compared price per pound of the two. Ideally, are largest more desirable? I guess I had better explore the Joe's website a bit more, or give them a call. How many of the largest makes a serving per person...and I am not thinking appetizer, but a pig out with a couple of salad type sides and maybe fabulous bread. Thanks so very much! Any advice/help is appreciated!

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                    3 Lbs of Jumbo ST from Ozona should fill both of you up you up. Bigger is better! We normally order 5lbs and have them two days in a row!
                    Joe's SC Sauce recipe is on the web.

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                      Thanks! Please forgive me, I am in a confused state these days...life overload....There will be perhaps six adults...so....you are saying l 1/2 lb. per person....perhaps a bit more for the biggest of eaters?
                      Also, I don't see the receipe for the mustard sauce on the Joe's website, and I don't see where I can order separately. I am sure I can wing something...they do have a receipe for honey mustard, but starts with the mustard sauce. Thinking for Christmas day or New Year's Eve. I can easily make some sides/cole slaw/fab bread/even creamed spinach. I do so appreciate your tremendous help!

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                        This is the sauce served at Joe's Stone Crab in Miami. To make an even easier sauce, just mix regular jarred brown mustard to taste into jarred mayonnaise.
                        1 tablespoon Colman's dry mustard, or to taste
                        1 cup mayonnaise
                        2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
                        1 teaspoon A-1 Sauce
                        1/4 cup heavy cream or milk
                        Salt to taste

                        Place the mustard in a small mixing bowl. Whisk in the mayonnaise, Worcestershire sauce, A-1 Sauce, cream and a pinch of salt. Mix until well blended and creamy. If you'd like a little more mustardy bite, whisk in about 1/2 teaspoon more dry mustard. Chill the sauce, covered, until serving. Makes about 1 cup.

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                          I just did a google on this...and found this or something very similar. Thank you so very, very much!
                          My sister also buys fresh spiny lobsters in San Diego and brings them up! We usually recreate the Baja style dinner for New Years! What a feast this will be when we do get around to it! I buy the rice/beans and fresh tortillas here. I may even take a crack at making tortillas! I am hungry right now!

              2. the ivy on robertson.

                it is about as fresh as i've had on the w coast, somehow better than when i get them at the market

                1. Curious, I thought all stone crab was frozen. Is what is shipped from Joe's fresh, or frozen? What would make some frozen product better than other if frozen properly and maintained in it's frozen state. Do stone crab claws come in varying sizes? Thanks!

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                    I could be wrong here, but when I lived in Miami Beach my family was regulars are Joe's. My parents went a lot with clients, and we never waited more than 10 minutes for a table.

                    From what I can remember being told, Joe's in Miami Beach is fresh. I went to the Vegas location right after it opened, and those are packed with dry ice and shipped the next day. I'm not sure if they're actually froze or just stay really, really cold.

                    I had them delivered to CA once, and they came with a dry ice pack as well. They didn't seem frozen though.

                    Stone crabs come in medium, large, and jumbo I believe. Check out the Joe's site (or other stone crab sites) for sizes. The larger you go in size, the less you need to order.

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                      Thanks. Sometimes, when I have had them, at parties, etc., even in hotels or clubs, they seem so .. well, wet, and thinking that they were not dried after defrosting. We buy them upon rare occasion when at Ralphs. We also buy the King Crab claws at Ralphs. I have assumed the Stone Crabs are frozen. It would be wonderful to try them fresh, or simply fresher, if that makes sense.

                      1. re: Jesdamala

                        Yup...that makes sense. They should be pretty dry and shiney and COLD. Very cold. But not too wet. If you're ever in Miami, give them a try. Joe's is a great place to try them, but there are some other places that are good, even cheap!

                  2. I had stone crab claws at Hungry Cat last year and they weren't good to me...There was more cartilage than meat...was I doing something wrong? Or maybe they weren't real stone crab claws?

                    What is so good about them?

                    1. Just SOUTH of the 10 off the 405 you will find Stone Crabs on the menu every day at THE BUGGY WHIP.

                      1. Joe's is only open from mid October to May more or less for a reason. That's the SCC season. How's the Buggy Whip doing it year round?

                        I live in Venice, so that would put me about 10 minutes from the Buggy Whip. A restaurant I've never been to much less even heard of. Well I've been fooled before but if you all say they do a pretty decent Stone Crab Claw set up, then I'm there.

                        I usually get mine from Santa Monica Seafood when in season. I've never been disapointed. I would never even to think of buying seafood at Ralph's. Scares me to death.

                        Buggy Whip? Check One.



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                          Stone crab season(for harvesting) is October 16 thru May 14...maybe that's why Joe's Stone Crab in Miami is only open then?

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                            Joe's had always been open from Oct. to Mother's Day, but a few years back, they tried it all year round. They kept a stock of frozen stone crabs for the off months. I didn't sample them, but I think they were decent. I don't live in Miami anymore, so I'm not sure if Joe's is still open all year or back to the Oct. to May schedule, but their other food is good enough to keep it open year round.

                            As for ordering, I'd done Joe's overnight a few times and it's very good. They give you the sauses and a hammer and bib I think. A nice little set up. Good for a date night in.

                            Has anyone tried Buggy Whips?

                            I had planned on trying them at Mastro's but they were sold out...got the jumbo shrimp cocktail instead and it was delicious. The lobster mashed potatoes were amazing...no stone crabs, but a good second option.

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                            i've gotten mine at sm seafood too + have been disappointed with the freshness

                          3. Forget those frozen stone crab claws you see in the markets and on buffets in LV. They aren't the same...tough, watery and tasteless.

                            I went to school in Miami and frequented Joe's Stone Crab many times.

                            Maybe if I'm desperate I'll have to mail order or stop in and check out The Buggy Whip. I've never heard anyone praise the place for anything.

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                              I am sure the Ralph's variety is pathetic...shows when one is desperate! I remember long, long, long ago going to Joe's Pier 52 in NYC, also long gone, and I am sure, just because this was decades ago, they were the frozen variety as well. I would certainly love to experience the real deal, so perhaps an order from Joe's or another place is in order. Thanks all for such nice responses and opinions. Now, I ask...best place to order via mail/internet?

                              Another place was mentioned, I will read back! Again, thanks!
                              I think this is something I would like to do, order a bunch, a pile, and have with my family in my home, as opposed to heading out to a restaurant I am not all that interested in. A feast awaits, with Chow help.

                            2. Mastro's has had them. I think many of the local steakhouses get them when in season for appetisers. Ocean Ave., Watergrill, or Hungry Cat may have them. Call first.

                              1. this is east, but in pasadena, parkway grill just got stone crab in from florida, and they are selling it as an app..... i tried it, its soooo good....they just got it in last night......

                                1. Captain Kidd's near the pier in Redondo Beach usually has a bin of them sitting at the end of the live crab tanks. The only comparison I have are the frozen ones that Von's used to sell (well they defrosted them for the seafood case- but they also had them in sealed packages frozen). The Captain Kidd ones were quite tasty.

                                  1. The claws have been served for the last 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 weeks here ( fresh ). I've eaten as Joe's Stone Crab here in Vegas and I have to say that I was disappointed with the product ( the claws seemed frozen -- sticking to the shell, etc. ). I'd really like to try the Joe's in Miami to see if it's just the location or if they taste the same and I'm just lacking the taste for it.

                                    1. My hubby is an stone crabber and I sell the floaters. E-mail me if you are intrested I am located about 1 hour north of Tampa, FL. I can ship them if you need me too. We have them fresh each day or we have frozen ones:)


                                      1. I'm a stonecrab nut. I'm from florida, and moved to New England, missed them enough fresh to order them overnight from Fla.

                                        Listed some of the best values here for you guys.

                                        Have ordered from this one with success (billy's)

                                        Haven't tried these yet, but they claim to be very fresh (even right from the boat to your door like billy's) and the prices are good.


                                        1. oops made a mistake posting the addresses, beststonecrabs.com should end with the first "php"

                                          then http://www.freshfromtheboat.com---etc.