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Oct 18, 2006 05:17 PM

Stone Crab

i'm looking for Stone Crab ala Joe's Stone Crab, anywhere north of the 10 and west of La Brea. Any thoughts?

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  1. Man...I'm with you on this one. My mouth is salavating just from reading Joe's Stone Crab. It's been a while for me.

    I've actually found stone crabs at Ralph's. They're not terrific, but if they're fresh they're doable. You can then find the mustard recipe on Joe's site.

    And I'm guessing Ranch 99 or maybe Santa Monica Seafood has them every so often. Call to find out.

    Besides those options, you could make a 4 hour treck to Vegas and go to the Joe's location at Caesers. It's not the same as the Miami Beach location, but it's Joe's so you can't go wrong. Or have them overnight you a box. Worth it!

    1. The Buggy Whip near LAX gets their stone crabs straight from Joe's.

        They ship directly to you from FL. 22.95 lb , 3lbs min, Jumbo Claw.
        Season started last Sunday. My shipment is arriving in One hour, Fed Ex.

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        1. re: russkar

          It's tough to tell when this post was made, but I've already sent my order. Sadly, You Know Who would kill me if I had them delivered to the office and didn't share. Looks like it'll be home-style for us.

          1. re: TomSwift

            My 5 lbs were gone with in 20 mins of receipt yesterday.

        2. Mastro's in BH had them last year.

          I believe Joe's fed ex's also. I think even the key lime pie!

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          1. re: Frank_Santa_Monica

            2nd that...I meant to post that but had to run to a meeting. They fly them in daily, and I think you're right about the key lime pie!

            FYI, if you're a cook, the key lime pie recipe from Joe's is really easy to make at home. I've created a version that uses less sugar and an already made crust and you can whip it up in about 20's delicious!

          2. Kate Mantilini also has them at times. Call first before you go.

            9101 Wilshire Blvd. (at Doheny)
            Beverly Hills
            (310) 278-3699